Ariana Ylvisaker
Database and Engagement Systems Manager


Ariana has a deep background in community-based nonprofit technology. She's interested in helping people to work better together with a digital equity lens. She can spot a poorly-designed CRM from 30 paces.

These days, Ariana manages the design and maintenance of the Salesforce CRM database and integrated online engagement platforms for Climate Solutions. She works with each team to develop system improvements, measure program KPIs, and plan for future growth. Ariana feels privileged to work for an organization committed to a just transition to clean energy solutions that benefit everyone—the foundation for sustainable worldwide prosperity in a world without fossil fuels.

Ariana has identified as a nonprofit unicorn since 2012. In her previous life, she was a professional horticulturist, dancer, and world traveler. When not being an #AwesomeAdmin, Ariana enjoys baking bread for her family and friends and loves to dance, arrange cut flowers, and walk her dogs.