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Oregon’s stunning natural beauty and history of clean energy innovation position it as a natural climate leader that can inspire action in the Northwest and beyond. However, in recent years Oregon's progress on climate action has stagnated while a growing list of states and territories have adopted carbon pricing policies, enacted more robust low-carbon fuel standards, and committed to a timeline for transitioning to 100% clean electricity.

Climate Solutions is working in Oregon to:  

  • Promote 100% clean energy: With support from Climate Solutions and other partners, Multnomah County and the cities of Milwaukie and Portland made groundbreaking commitments to 100 percent clean and renewable energy. We are helping them develop implementation plans to achieve these goals, and working with other cities and counties in Oregon to develop a groundswell of support for a 100% clean energy future.
  • Accelerate clean transportation: The transportation sector is Oregon's largest source of climate pollution, and accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is a key way to clean it up. We are working with local governments, transit districts, and utility providers to build more charging stations, promote financial incentives for individual and fleet EV purchases, and encourage transit agencies to buy clean electric buses, rather than continuing to rely on dirty diesel, CNG, or other fossil fuels.
  • Advocate for energy-efficient buildings: Heating and powering our homes and businesses generates a substantial amount of our climate-changing pollution. We are working with partners to help Oregon move toward constructing homes and buildings that produce as much energy as they use - net zero energy buildings. If all new homes and buildings were energy efficient, we would significantly reduce our climate pollution, drastically cut energy costs for owners and renters, and improve air quality where we live and work.
  • Stop new investments in coal, oil, and fracked gas: The fossil fuel industry wants to keep us hooked on dangerous energy sources and use our state to expand their profits. With our urging, Oregon has already taken several momentous steps by stopping Portland General Electric from building a new fracked gas plant and ending Oregon's dependence on coal-fired power. We will continue sending a clear message that expanding fossil fuel infrastructure is not welcome in Oregon.

Read on for the latest updates on Climate Solutions' work in Oregon:

Oregon State Government

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