Portland home with solar panels on roof

Urge Your Legislators to Invest in Healthy Homes

The Oregon legislature kicked off another legislative session this week with a top focus on addressing the state’s housing challenges. Solving Oregon’s housing crisis is about more than just building new housing. It’s about reducing the cost of essential home repairs and energy efficiency so that low-income families can affordably live in the homes they already have.
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Photo of kindergarteners boarding an electric school bus

Kids breathe easier on electric school buses

Kids deserve to breathe clean, unpolluted air. Plenty of ink has already been spilled about the harms of polluted air in homes and classrooms. However, students are still routinely exposed to dirty, polluted air from a source in virtually every school district’s driveway: the school bus.
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image of offshore wind turbines

Is Offshore Wind in Oregon’s Future?

Climate Solutions has this guiding principle: there is an identified need for offshore wind in Oregon to achieve our 100% clean energy goals, and it must happen through a robust, transparent, inclusive, and equitable process. 
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California flag

Climate had a week

On the occasion of Climate Week, California takes a stand for fossil fuel accountability. The US will organize a Climate Corps after all. Global climate week protests call on governments to show more climate ambition... and action
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