• by Bobby Hayden on November 3, 2012
    With charging stations in Bellevue and all along the West Coast, electric vehicle drivers can now travel the I-5 corridor from Canada to Mexico without needing a drop of gasoline. The city of Bellevue has successfully completed its nine American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded grant projects. Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on September 16, 2012
    How Green Canopy Homes turns a profit, cuts the same carbon on average as one car permanently off the road, and employs approx. 50 people on each home retrofit. Eco-Capitalists Read more
  • by Elizabeth Willmott on June 17, 2012
    Hillsboro, OR, Boise, ID, and Issaquah, WA joined the New Energy Cities community in Spring 2012 Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on November 16, 2011
    Facing uncomfortable, outdated facilities, two school districts partnered with local businesses and governments to retrofit their buildings,  cutting costs, saving energy and enhancing their learning environments. Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on November 3, 2011
    Facing uncomfortable classrooms and high utility bills due to aging HVAC equipment, Granger School District employed an innovative computer-based heating and cooling system. Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on October 16, 2011
    In an economic downturn, a community-based effort is helping create local jobs for contractors and improving energy-efficiency of local homes. Watch the story of how in just one year, RePower has created 28 contractor jobs in Kitsap County — 43 percent of the goal. RePowering Our Workforce Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on October 3, 2011
    How citizens on Bainbridge Island came together and created an option to change behavior through energy use, move closer to carbon neutrality and become a model for other communities. "We’ve seen a 50 percent decrease in our heating costs and our overall energy costs are down approximately 35 percent.” - Matt Olson, Bainbridge Island homeowner and RePower Bainbridge participant Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on September 16, 2011
    How commercial building owners use energy efficiency to become more competitive in a challenging market. Kilowatt Crackdown Read more
  • by Bobby Hayden on September 3, 2011
    In Spokane, a public performing arts center held great potential for energy efficiency upgrades given its age. Watch how improving the efficiency of the facility reduced the amount of electricity and natural gas used, thus helping to offset rising energy prices. Read more
  • by Eileen V. Quigley on March 1, 2011
    At the end of January, over 60 Edmonds community leaders, including the Mayor of Edmonds Mike Cooper and Edmonds City Council President Strom Peterson, Steve Klein, General Manager of Snohomish PUD, and other business leaders and citizens rolled up their sleeves to look at how the city can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions levels to 25% below 1995 levels by 2035. Read more