The Big Issue: Transforming Our Transportation
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How do you typically get around, in the places where you live and work? How do you want to get around? How does the way you get around make you feel when you reach your destination? 

Transportation is the single largest source of our climate pollution in the Pacific Northwest. We need to clean up the fuels we use to get around, and to reduce our reliance on driving alone. Instead, we can shift toward more sustainable modes such as transit, biking, and walking. We have a lot of work to do to fund transit, to make Washington's transportation system safe for all users, and to reduce the climate and air pollution it currently creates. There is much to be done, but also many opportunities to prioritize equitable outcomes and build a sustainable and equitable transportation system. What should such a system look like?

With this new research, Climate Solutions evaluates our options for cutting carbon from our transportation system in Washington and Oregon. We examine how different options will impact our health, safety, spending, transportation infrastructure, and electricity grid, and how impacts vary for different areas and communities. Which path achieves our climate goals and provides the greatest improvements in health, safety, and more? Learn more about how we can transform our transportation for a cleaner future.

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