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Our kids deserve pollution-free school buses

Washington State needs to pass a bill requiring all school buses in Washington to be zero-emission by 2035, and new bus purchases must be pollution-free by 2027. Other states have done this — so can we!

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Protecting the health and well-being of our state’s children is a paramount responsibility, and one important way to do this is to ensure that all kids' buses are pollution-free. Kids deserve to ride safely in electric school buses instead of dirty, polluting diesel ones.

Last year, House Bill 1368 set out to map a transition to zero-emission school buses. I want to ensure a bill like this passes this upcoming session. It is so important for our state to make sure all school buses are pollution-free, as diesel harms our kids’ health. Right now, only about 80 of our 10,000 school buses on the road in Washington are zero-emission. The remainder are fueled with diesel or other fossil fuels, which contributes to very serious conditions that hurt our kids and their ability to learn.

We need a bill that will require that new school bus purchases starting in 2027 are zero-emission, and that all school buses on the road are pollution-free by 2035. Other states have taken this step to protect kids. Our children are counting on you, and so am I.

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