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Do we really need to electrify all those vehicles? Yes—and quickly
Our transportation research indicates that it's urgent that we accelerate the transition to electric vehicles of all types. At the same time, it’s clear we need to expand clean and convenient options for getting around.
Photo of Oregon state capitol

What's ahead for climate action in Salem?

No corner of our state was left untouched by climate-fueled storms and harms last year.

Targeted electrification in 2022

Washington: are you ready to act on climate in 2022?

We made some great progress in 2021 on climate, but there is still so much more to do to meet WA’s statutory climate goals, and most importantly, respect our Earth’s climate boundaries.

electric fedex vehicle

2022 is off to an electric start

2022: the year of the truck, a cleaner grid, and maybe some new ideas 

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Transforming our Transportation: Pathways to Cut Pollution

Transportation is the largest source of our climate pollution in the Pacific Northwest. With new research, Climate Solutions has evaluated options to meet our climate goals in Washington and Oregon, cutting carbon from our transportation system.

Climate Cast banner with photo of fire truck submerged in floodwaters

The good, the bad, and the necessary next steps

Harrowing floods in the PNW, a wrap-up of the COP26 conference, and some federal progress on climate.

Photo of Daimler eCascadia electric drayage truck

VICTORY! Oregon accelerates toward clean truck leadership

Earlier today, Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission voted to pass the Clean Truck Rules that will help us transition to zero emission trucks and reduce smog pollution from new diesel truck engines.

A New Flyer electric bus operated by TriMet recharges at Sunset Transit Center.

TriMet is on the road to clean and climate-friendly public transportation

Oregon’s largest public transit agency has committed to fueling its existing fleet of transit vehicles with renewable diesel, as part of its transition to a clean, non-polluting transit vehicle fleet.

Text "A Better Future Takes Transportation #takestransportation" over photo of traffic

Tell legislators that a better future for Washington #TakesTransportation

We're past due for a new package of transportation projects, planning efforts, and innovations. We want legislators to pass a new package—and to ensure our transportation systems are equitable, accessible, safe, affordable, and clean.

Electric truck

Clean Trucks Are Here and Ready to Go

Right now, both Washington and Oregon are taking important steps to clean up bigger trucks and vehicles. Read on to learn more about these potential rules and how you can help ensure our states adopt them in a strong and equitable way!

louisiana national guard rescue after hurricane ida flooding

A textbook case of climate-fueled extremism

Clean trucks zoom ahead, Hurricane Ida roundup, and updates on 100% clean nationwide



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