U.S. EPA’s Announcement to Regulate Climate Pollution from New Coal-Fired Power Plants Draws Strong Positive Reactions From Northwest Business, Clean Energy Leaders
June 18, 2014

“Seattle City Light is committed to responsible climate policy and building a clean energy future, and today the federal government stepped up as a reliable partner in that vital work.  Clear rules on climate pollution and greater certainty for energy investment will help all of us build a clean, affordable, healthy energy future,” said Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent for Seattle City Light.

“Climate policy is a lot less complicated than the coal and oil lobbies want to make it. It starts with responsible, science-based limits on the major sources of climate pollution. And that’s exactly what the Environmental Protection Agency delivered today,” said KC Golden, Senior Policy Advisory for Climate Solutions, a Northwest-based clean energy economy nonprofit.  “They put accountability where it belongs. The new proposed rules are performance-based. They end the practice of free and unlimited dumping of the pollution that causes climate disruption from the largest new sources. They’re also a powerful example of West Coast climate leadership, as they’re modeled on the standards pioneered in California, Washington, and Oregon. All of us – especially our kids -- can breathe a little easier today knowing that America is starting to step up to the plate for real climate solutions, and EPA is helping us do it.”

“Fair limits on climate pollution – like the ones that EPA issued today – will help energy markets deliver the innovations and clean energy deployment that drive real climate solutions. The private sector must be able to count on government for clear rules that level the playing field for clean energy. The Administration is taking a big, positive step in that direction,” said Lars Johansson of Energethic, LLC and co-chair of Northwest Energy Angels, a membership organization of private investors that invests in clean tech entrepreneurs.

“Fossil fuels have played an important role in the economic development of the human species; however, the continued reliance, and potential expansion of their use, is not sustainable for our environment or our economy, " said Gary Shaver, President of Silicon Energy, a solar manufacturer based in Marysville, WA. "The building of a local renewable energy industry and the local generation of clean renewable energy is crucial to our future. The EPA’s action represents a good step in that direction.”

"Coal power plant executives could learn a lot from the people I interact with every day: people making a smart choices to reduce their carbon footprint," said Sam Pardue of Indow Windows, an American-made energy efficient window insert manufacturer based in Oregon. "I applaud the Environmental Protection Agency's commitment to cleaner air and less carbon pollution in our communities."

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