• Learn how Climate Solutions is working with businesses on climate change!

    by Gregg Small on July 7, 2023

    Since our founding 25 years ago, Climate Solutions has believed strongly in the importance of the business community to drive solutions to the climate crisis. Since 1998, we have partnered with businesses in all sorts of ways. In the early 2000’s, we launched one of our first programs, Harvesting Clean Energy, to work with farmers, economic development professionals, and rural business leaders to promote clean energy development to boost the rural economy.

  • News flash: Fossil fuel companies are taking you for a ride.

    by Joëlle Robinson on July 7, 2023

    While we're feeling the burden of high gas prices, big oil is playing a blame game—trying to make us believe that high prices are caused by our state's groundbreaking climate protections instead of their gratuitously inflated profit margins.

  • Climate impacts near and far

    by Juan M. Muñoz Jiménez on June 29, 2023

    Stuck between wildfires, smoke, and heat dome, facing the new climate reality Two major climate events are happening in North America; the wildfires in Canada, which are themselves a danger wit

  • Climate victory in Oregon's legislature!

    by Meredith Connolly on June 26, 2023

    Breaking news! The Climate Resilience Package has passed the legislature and is on its way to the Governor’s desk for signature, bringing us one critical step closer to protecting our climate and communities.

  • Will Oregon act on climate or squander our chance?

    by Meredith Connolly on June 16, 2023

    The longest GOP walkout in state history has finally come to an end. It has been an egregious situation where a bloc of Republican Senators used non-democratic tactics to deny the collective will of all Oregonians and shutdown the government for weeks.

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