• The best offense is a good defense—and we’ll need one

    by Gregg Small on

    2024 is off to a rapid start on climate action in the Pacific Northwest, filled with incredible stories of success and also some of the most significant threats to our progress in recent memory.One of my favorite stories is the effort in the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to address pollution from short-haul trucking. Diesel pollution from these trucks creates air pollution and health hazards for the people living near ports and are a major contributor to climate change.

  • Deepening WA's clean energy commitment

    by Megan Larkin on

    How a lesser known bill moving through WA's 2024 legislative session will double down on clean energy by putting people first

  • Climate is our priority: Washington legislative mid-session update

    by Joëlle Robinson on

    Nearly at the midpoint of Washington's 2024 legislative session, legislators are taking action on some of the state's top climate priorities. Here's where more pressure is needed as the session continues.

  • Urge Your Legislators to Invest in Healthy Homes

    by Meredith Connolly on

    The Oregon legislature kicked off another legislative session this week with a top focus on addressing the state’s housing challenges. Solving Oregon’s housing crisis is about more than just building new housing. It’s about reducing the cost of essential home repairs and energy efficiency so that low-income families can affordably live in the homes they already have.

  • Busting the myths: clean energy does work in the cold

    by Jonathan Lee on

    We have examples from across the country and worldwide that ought to close the confidence gap once and for all: yes, clean energy technologies work during cold weather.

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