• HUGE win for climate-friendly buildings in WA

    by Joëlle Robinson on

    On December 12th, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to pass a landmark climate policy to transition large multi-family and commercial buildings away from fossil fuels to clean electricity.

  • Looking Back on One Year of Washington’s Transformational Climate Commitment Act

    by Climate Solutions on

    Last week, the Department of Ecology held its final auction in the inaugural year of WA’s cap-and-invest program. Washington’s Climate Commitment Act (CCA) – only the second cap-and-invest program in the U.S. – has had no parallel in the potential for a climate policy to protect our air, water, and forests from pollution, address environmental harm to communities of color and Tribal Nations, and provide unprecedented funding to create more resilient communities across Washington.

  • Brighter Tomorrows: 2023 Annual Report

    by Climate Solutions on

    Reflecting on 25 years of creative advocacy and effective action on climate, and how our past victories prepare us for serious work ahead

  • COP28 convenes in Dubai — with fractional results

    by Jonathan Lee on

    Just a year ago, fossil fuel companies complained they felt unwelcome at COP27; at this year’s COP28 international climate conference, OPEC has its own pavilion.

  • Is Offshore Wind in Oregon’s Future?

    by Joshua Basofin on

    Climate Solutions has this guiding principle: there is an identified need for offshore wind in Oregon to achieve our 100% clean energy goals, and it must happen through a robust, transparent, inclusive, and equitable process. 

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