Defend clean fuels in Oregon!

With as few as two weeks until Oregon legislators adjourn for the summer, this session’s only major climate victory is under attack from out-of-state oil interests. We need your help to protect it!

Tell your legislators that rolling back the Clean Fuels Program is simply unacceptable.

Thousands of Oregonians and local businesses wrote to legislators, signed petitions, and testified in support of the Clean Fuels Program, which will cut 7 million metric tons of global warming pollution from the air and is already bringing clean fuels jobs and investments to our state. We celebrated a major victory when the Legislature re-authorized it in March.

But Big Oil has demonstrated it will stop at nothing to protect its monopoly on transportation fuel choices, including filing state and federal lawsuits, initiating three separate ballot measures, and spending at least $2.1 million since 2009 on lobbying in Oregon to delay or repeal the program.

Now it’s holding the program hostage, threatening to roll it back as part of a backroom, end-of-session political deal.

Urge your legislators to stand strong for Clean Fuels because they’ll deliver health and economic benefits for every Oregonian.

You know you’re doing something right when Big Oil is working this hard to stop you.

Please take action now.

Author Bio

Kristen Sheeran

former Oregon Director, Climate Solutions

Kristen Sheeran served as Oregon Director of Climate Solutions. Prior to her work with us, she served as the Vice President of Knowledge Systems at Ecotrust, leading a 15 member team including economists, policy specialists, data analysts, software developers, and GIS analysts. She is also the founder and executive director of the Economics for Equity and Environment Network, a network of more than 300 economists from across the country that are organized and committed to applying their expertise to inform climate and clean energy policy and advocacy.

Kristen has a doctorate in economics, and focused her dissertation on equity and efficiency in mitigating climate change. She was a professor of economics for 7 years at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and has written and spoken extensively about climate change and clean energy.

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