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Why does Big Oil get a tax loophole anyway?

by Ben Serrurier on January 27, 2014

Washington State's Big Oil loophole was never intended to benefit oil companies; it serves no purpose except to divert tens of millions away from education and essential services, benefiting a massively profitable and polluting industry.

We need stronger protections from Washington’s top fossil-fuel polluters

by Ben Serrurier on January 23, 2014

Big coal and big oil head the list of Washington's top polluters, reminding us that we need strong protections against greenhouse gas emissions.  

Boeing proposes Green Diesel for new jet fuel blends

by Clark Gilman on January 21, 2014

In a potentially game-changing move, Boeing wants to increase the use of sustainable biodiesel as an ingredient in jet fuel.  

Senators: No climate news is bad news

by KC Golden on January 17, 2014

Nine US Senators have sent a letter to the heads of four broadcast networks expressing “deep concern” about their failure to cover the climate crisis.

Olympia 2014: Let’s maintain support for a clean energy future

by Ben Serrurier on January 16, 2014

And they’re off! Monday marked the official start of the 2014 Washington State legislative session. Here's a preview of how Climate Solutions will be there, working to promote the clean energy economy and to reduce global warming pollution.  

Clean tech's Mark Twain moment

by Chris Bast on January 13, 2014

The 60 Minutes piece was more than a case of bad reporting - it deliberately ignored the context within which clean tech operates: climate change.  

We’re blushing. Thank you, Postcard Underground.

by Bobby Hayden on January 12, 2014

Over several weeks this past fall we received a flurry of very encouraging notes in the mail directed at our Solutions Stories.  

60 Minutes’ clean tech bash-fest: hardly a moment of journalism, not a second of climate reality

by KC Golden on January 10, 2014

60 Minutes' mugging of the clean tech industry this week ignores the real story: the explosive growth in clean energy technologies, and the 97% success rate of federal clean energy loans.  

Beaverton, Oregon does carbon math

by Elizabeth Willmott on December 23, 2013

When the opportunity recently arose to set a long-term community climate action goal, Beaverton sustainability officials wanted to do their homework. So they called the New Energy Cities team to help them figure out what it would take to make deep cuts in climate pollution community-wide.

It's beginning to look a lot like solar

by Beth Doglio on December 19, 2013

Making something happen that is part of the solution is refreshing, especially when I’ve spent so much of my time fighting the behemoth fossil fuel industry standing in the way of a cleaner, healthier future.


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  • Much ado about climate in November

    With only a few weeks left until the November 3rd election, there’s much ado in the media’s climate coverage about what a Biden presidency might do for clean energy and how it could be “history making” for efforts to address climate change in the US.