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Keystone XL Environmental Impact Statement bottom line: Go with Gandhi

by KC Golden on February 6, 2014

The State Department's latest review of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline proposal only proves Gandhi's dictum that "we must be the change we wish to see in the world."

Governor's climate workgroup proposes carbon cap, replacing coal with renewables

by Ben Serrurier on February 3, 2014

The Climate Workgroup issued its final reports last month, and while members remain divided, the final recommendations include a number of sensible climate solutions for Washington State.  

Oregon’s work-plan on climate and clean energy

by Carrie Hearne on February 3, 2014

Specifically for the 2014 short session, there was a collective agreement that lifting the 2015 sunset on the Clean Fuels Standard is a key priority, as is protecting the Renewable Portfolio Standard.  

The Keystone Principle: Stop Making Climate Disruption Worse

by KC Golden on January 31, 2014

Will President Obama issue a permit for the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline? After issuing a State of the Union call for more urgency in our response to climate change, this will be a defining real-world test of his resolve.

Western states progressing towards Clean Fuel Standards

by Ben Serrurier on January 31, 2014

Both California and Washington are making strong progress toward establishing a clean fuel standard.  

Clean Energy Economy – Country Style

by Clark Gilman on January 30, 2014

We’re looking forward to Harvesting Clean Energy in Helena, MT next week! Clean energy practitioners and rural economic development advocates will gather to talk about opportunities for clean energy to benefit Northwest farms, ranches, forests, and rural businesses.  

Washington should continue to build on our success with renewable energy

by Jessica Finn Coven on January 30, 2014

Washington State has made great strides in clean energy, energy efficiency, and energy independence. But some legislators want to slow or reverse those advances by weakening the law which has made our progress possible—the Washington State Energy Independence Act, or I-937.

Facing climate change: Optimism is up to us

by Gregg Small on January 29, 2014

On one hand, the science news about our climate crisis is relentlessly sobering. It’s late, and we have so far to go. On the other hand, the momentum for solutions is building, and our climate movement is growing strong.  

Why does Big Oil get a tax loophole anyway?

by Ben Serrurier on January 27, 2014

Washington State's Big Oil loophole was never intended to benefit oil companies; it serves no purpose except to divert tens of millions away from education and essential services, benefiting a massively profitable and polluting industry.

We need stronger protections from Washington’s top fossil-fuel polluters

by Ben Serrurier on January 23, 2014

Big coal and big oil head the list of Washington's top polluters, reminding us that we need strong protections against greenhouse gas emissions.  


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  • Much ado about climate in November

    With only a few weeks left until the November 3rd election, there’s much ado in the media’s climate coverage about what a Biden presidency might do for clean energy and how it could be “history making” for efforts to address climate change in the US.