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Corvallis Moving to Pollution Free Buildings
April 26, 2022, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Heating and powering our homes and businesses generates a significant amount of pollution contributing to global warming.  With clean, energy efficient homes and buildings, we would significantly reduce climate pollution, drastically cut energy costs for owners and renters, and improve air quality where we live and work.

Unfortunately, emissions from buildings are growing quickly because of the use of natural gas in homes and buildings. And, it poses significant health risks for our communities, children, and other vulnerable populations. In fact, indoor air quality issues are higher for low-income residents in smaller units with poor ventilation.

Many cities in the region and around the country are increasingly looking at ensuring all new buildings are electric as a key cost-effective pathway for achieving their local or state greenhouse emissions goals. Electrifying buildings is critical to addressing climate change, but it is also achievable, affordable, safe, and creates a more resilient energy system.

Join this event to learn more about electrifying our buildings, why it's important and what YOU can do to help pass policies and build community campaigns to Electrify the Pacific Northwest! The forum will offer perspectives on the health and climate impacts of utilizing gas appliances in our homes and commercial buildings, the need to transition to all-electric buildings and insights about ensuring an equitable transition.

Guest Speakers:

  • Bob Jenks, Executive Director of Oregon Citizens' Utility Board (CUB)
  • Beth Doglio, Senior Consultant with Climate Solutions and former WA State Legislator
  • Dylan Plummer, Senior Campaign Representative, Building Electrification at Sierra Club




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