Initial take on Clean Energy Jobs bill release

Yesterday, the Oregon Legislature released a draft of the Clean Energy Jobs bill (LC 894), which caps climate pollution from the largest emitters and reinvests the proceeds into our communities. 

Climate Solutions is focused on passing a strong policy that:

  • Reduces emissions quickly to meet ambitious climate goals
  • Holds the largest polluters in all sectors accountable
  • Invests in job-creating clean energy projects in communities across the state
  • Ensures a majority of investments benefit those most impacted by climate change, including communities of color, Tribes, rural communities, and low-income families.

“Oregonians want and deserve bold climate action and a rapid transition to clean energy.  Other states are looking to Oregon for climate leadership. This is our moment - we need to respond with strong legislation that is up to the occasion,” said Zach Baker, Oregon Policy Manager, Climate Solutions.

Strong and declining cap

The legislation maintains a strong cap on emissions from previous bills, with 2035 and 2050 emissions reduction targets. “We’re excited to see this element retained. The 2035 target is especially important to achieve the near-term reductions science demands to avoid the worst climate impacts,” said Zach Baker, Oregon Policy Manager, Climate Solutions.

Opportunities to strengthen bill

“The legislature should work to strengthen the bill to ensure significant investment in clean energy solutions,” said Zach Baker, Oregon Policy Manager for Climate Solutions. For example, a number of entities receive generous free allowances. In addition, investments should be better directed to ensure a majority of the investments will benefit communities most impacted by climate change.

Author Bio

Mara Gross

Former Oregon Communications Manager, Climate Solutions

Mara is an attorney and policy advocate with wide ranging experience on social and environmental policies, and a former Oregon Communications Manager with Climate Solutons. As a member of the communications team, she worked on messaging and media outreach to build momentum for ambitious climate leadership in Oregon. 

For eight years prior to joining Climate Solutions, Mara was the Policy Director and then Executive Director at the Coalition for a Livable Future, a nonprofit focused on equitable planning in the Portland metro region. She previously served as the legislative aide to then-Oregon Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown (now governor of Oregon).  Mara also worked on several electoral campaigns in Oregon and California, provided legal aid on employment and housing issues, and practiced law in the private sector.  She has a J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law and a B.A. in philosophy from Wellesley College.

Outside of work, Mara travels around town mostly by bike and explores Oregon’s beauty and Portland’s amazing neighborhoods with her partner and young daughter, who wants everyone to stop driving "smoke cars." 

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