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No silver linings. This is just awful

Climate Solutions' quick reaction to the Supreme Court's climate decision in West Virginia vs. EPA

Strategic plan 2022-2026

We've got a new plan.

Climate Solutions' strategic priorities for the next four years.

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Biden invokes war powers to speed clean energy shift

This week, President Biden issued a number of executive orders taking action on clean energy, to make solar panels, heat pumps, insulation and other products for the clean energy transition

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What does equitable internet access have to do with climate?

Bridging the digital divide, EVs keep accelerating, fossil fuel dirty deeds, and spreading climate hope.

Photo of TriMet GM Sam Desue and Sen. Dembrow were joined by Metro Council President Lynn Peterson, Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega-Pederson, Portland General Electric President and CEO Maria Pope and Climate Solutions’ Oregon Director Meredith Connolly.

The role of renewable diesel in Oregon's climate plans

While we are putting all our efforts into transitioning our transportation sector to be made up of 100% zero-emission vehicles powered by renewable energy, this transformation will not happen overnight.

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Why Oregon’s climate progress is good, but still not enough

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a LOT of studies released about the increasingly dire state of our climate, what’s to come if we do not cut pollution, and how much pollution we need to cut by when. 

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Freeway expansion and climate action don't mix

Freeway expansion and climate action don’t mix As youth-organized climate protests against the Oregon Department of Transportation’s

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Two years ago today: One of biggest climate wins in Oregon history

Today is a significant milestone for Oregon’s climate progress, but it requires a little time traveling to the cusp of the pre-COVID times to fully appreciate how far we’ve come.

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Recapping Oregon's 2022 Legislative Session

This session, the legislature provided historic levels of investments in clean energy solutions and electric vehicles, as well as significant progress for environmental and social justice in our state.

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Mid-session climate updates from Olympia

With less than three weeks left in Washington’s short legislative session, there are still a number of ways the Legislature can act to cut climate pollution, clean up our buildings, and sustainably fund the clean transportation system we need.



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Make history (again) and keep climate action strong in WA

Submitted by Kelly Hall on Tue, 07/12/2022 - 13:38

WA made history by passing the strongest bill in the country to cap carbon pollution statewide. State agencies are starting the implementation process with a comment period on the draft rules ending this Friday July 15th. You can add your voice to influence this groundbreaking climate policy and let the Department of Ecology know what’s important to you.
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