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Pledge to vote on NO on I-2117
Initiative 2117 is on the statewide Washington ballot this November. If voters pass it, it would repeal our state's landmark law to cut climate pollution and fund clean energy—and would block future action.
Climate policy
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Avista used customer money to fund anti-climate litigation in Oregon

[PRESS RELEASE] Avista inappropriately billed customers for anti-climate litigation spending, and is proposing to increase bills for continued litigation costs, according to testimony submitted by environmental groups to the Oregon PUC.

Oil company profits are to blame for high gas prices

News flash: Fossil fuel companies are taking you for a ride.

While we're feeling the burden of high gas prices, big oil is playing a blame game—trying to make us believe that high prices are caused by our state's groundbreaking climate protections instead of their gratuitously inflated profit margins.

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Will Oregon act on climate or squander our chance?

The longest GOP walkout in state history has finally come to an end. It has been an egregious situation where a bloc of Republican Senators used non-democratic tactics to deny the collective will of all Oregonians and shutdown the government for weeks.

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Oregon GOP Walkout Threatens Climate Progress AGAIN

By denying quorum for the state Senate to do business, Oregon's Senate Republicans have ground all progress in the Oregon legislature — and even the state budget — to a halt. The state’s climate agenda hangs in the balance among many other critical priorities.

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Speak up for Climate Action! Email your Legislator in Oregon

Did you know the Oregon Legislature hasn’t updated our state climate goals in over 15 years?

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Permission granted: Washington's clean energy transition will be efficient, equitable and effective

More on HB 1216, designed to help bring more new clean energy projects and associated jobs to the state.

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A success story: investing in climate progress

As Washington State books historic investments in clean energy, federal courts weigh in on city- and state-led efforts to counter the power of fossil fuels

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$2 Billion in climate and clean energy, coming to you!

That’s a wrap: 2023 Washington legislative session ends with unprecedented dollars for climate and clean energy development

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2023 Oregon Legislative Priorities

We’re officially halfway through the 2023 legislative session here in Oregon, and there is A LOT to report about where we’re at on climate action. 

Amazon's glass house

Amazon's glass house

When it comes to carbon emissions, Amazon shouldn't throw stones. Also: ratcheting down tailpipe emissions



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