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Oregon’s Climate Wins in the 2023 Legislative Session
We saw success despite a challenging legislative environment that included a minority of Senators leading the longest walkout in Oregon’s history. Because the legislative calendar was down to the wire, many climate and clean energy bills were combined into two omnibus bills...
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Landmark climate leadership and investment: the Climate Commitment Act in WA

A new blog series spotlighting the Climate Commitment Act in WA. This edition is Part 1: a primer on WA’s new cap-and-invest program.

🎬 Cutting climate pollution from buildings

Homes, offices, and other buildings are a major source of climate and air pollution. Thankfully, the best solutions will save you money on energy costs without sacrificing comfort. Learn more by watching our new video series!

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Washington will build new homes with heat pumps

The Washington State Building Code Council voted today to adopt new statewide residential building codes that will drive the transition to safe and healthy homes that run on low-cost, 100% clean electricity instead of methane gas

West coast leaders sign climate agreement

Sign us up for renewable power

In this week's ClimateCast: the urgent need for clean energy infrstructure, resiliency and hard choices, West Coast climate leadership and more.

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Renewables booming, but it’s still too hot 🥵

ClimateCast is our curated, biweekly collection of news and commentary on climate issues. In this issue: DC Dispatch; renewables boom; CA leads but still too hot

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Hot ways to stay cool: take our buildings all-electric

WA State has an opportunity to ensure the most climate friendly state residential energy codes in the country.

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Are we in a climate emergency? How is that not a dumb question?

After Manchin's latest reversal, real U.S. climate leadership remains a strong possibility. Also, it's hot

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Freedom from Fossil Fuels: share your story

Climate Solutions has been sharing real, widely available clean energy solutions through our #FreedomFromFossilFuels campaign. Now, we'd like to hear from YOU!

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Climate + cosmos = 💌

Space is the place, extreme heat felt across the globe, and coal is still not going to work

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What does equitable internet access have to do with climate?

Bridging the digital divide, EVs keep accelerating, fossil fuel dirty deeds, and spreading climate hope.



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