• An extra special session in Washington State

    by Jessica Finn Coven on

    On May 13, the Washington State legislature started its 30 day special session, an addition to the 105 day “regular” session that ended last month. Unable to pass a budget during the regular session, the legislators are back after meeting with constituents in their home districts. Here's a look at some of the key budget issues that Climate Solutions is following.

  • Guest Blog: More livestock to save the planet?

    by Chad Kruger and Allan Savory on

    A conversation between Chad Kruger, Director of  WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Allan Savory, President and Co-Founder of the Savory Institute Fight climate change by adding more livestock to the land?  Not surprisingly, that is a controversial proposition.

  • Building natural carbon: five policy principles

    by Patrick Mazza on

    Carbon dioxide levels hit 395 parts per million in 2012, the highest in four or five million years when sea levels were around 80 feet higher and temperatures up to 10° Fahrenheit hotter. If we sustain those CO2 levels, or go higher as we are doing, a completely different world will emerge. 

  • Memo to the Very Serious People: Resistance isn’t futile and irony can be delicious

    by Ross Macfarlane on

    Wyoming's only new coal mine, Kiewit's Haystack Mine in SW Wyoming, halted construction yesterday before shipping any coal. Why should we care about coal mining in Wyoming? Short answer: it is at the heart of the biggest coal mining region in the United States, and by some calculations the world. 

  • Urban ecosystem services: the promise of green infrastructure

    by Steve Whitney on

    Urban green infrastructure is increasingly seen as an effective way to meet regulatory obligations for control of polluted runoff or high stormwater flows, while also generating an array of ecosystem service co-benefits.

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