• REACCH-ing for farming’s future

    by Patrick Mazza on

    Climate change is among the greatest challenges facing 21st century agriculture. To anticipate those challenges a cutting-edge Northwest scientific exploration is bringing some very 21st century tools to bear.

  • Protecting shrinking farmlands

    by Patrick Mazza on

    In a world of ever increasing stress on our food and energy supplies, it makes little sense to pave farmland under sprawl, but that’s what we’ve been doing. 

  • Unpave paradise, get rid of the parking lots

    by Rhys Roth on

    Our country, America the Beautiful, boasts somewhere between 105 million and 2 billion parking spaces, according to a New York Times blog that caught my eye the other day.  This boggles my mind on two levels:

  • The home run we need: Biocarbon

    by Rhys Roth on

    RBI.  I’m a baseball fanatic -- especially in playoff season -- and I was hoping that our new program could have that acronym.  

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