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Freedom from Fossil Fuels: share your story

by Jonathan Lee on

Climate Solutions has been sharing real, widely available clean energy solutions through our #FreedomFromFossilFuels campaign. Now, we'd like to hear from YOU!

Climate + cosmos = 💌

by Stephanie Noren on

Space is the place, extreme heat felt across the globe, and coal is still not going to work

Make history (again) and keep climate action strong in WA

by Kelly Hall on

WA made history by passing the strongest bill in the country to cap carbon pollution statewide. State agencies are starting the implementation process with a comment period on the draft rules ending this Friday July 15th. You can add your voice to influence this groundbreaking climate policy and let the Department of Ecology know what’s important to you.

No time to burn: let's keep the future of gas short in Oregon

by Nora Apter and Greer Ryan on

Fossil "natural" gas is far from being the safe, clean product that gas and fossil fuel companies claim.

Tell Oregon regulators: we want clean and safe buildings in our future

by Greer Ryan on

Together we can let the Public Utility Commissioners know that there is NO FUTURE for methane gas in Oregon.

Supreme Court versus a livable future

by Jonathan Lawson on

Reactions to the SCOTUS climate decision; climate change and young people's mental health; and the importance of nurturing optimism despite everything.

No silver linings. This is just awful

by Climate Solutions on

Climate Solutions' quick reaction to the Supreme Court's climate decision in West Virginia vs. EPA

Clean energy homes for Washington: council proposes code improvements

by Climate Solutions on

Washington's State Building Code Coundil is recommending updates to residential building energy codes this year, accelerating clean, electric new construction

We've got a new plan.

by Gregg Small on

Climate Solutions' strategic priorities for the next four years.

Biden invokes war powers to speed clean energy shift

by Jonathan Lawson on

This week, President Biden issued a number of executive orders taking action on clean energy, to make solar panels, heat pumps, insulation and other products for the clean energy transition

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Massive data centers needn't be massive polluters

Amazon backs away from plan to keep Oregon data centers running on fossil fuels. Plus: widespread benefits for low-income households converting to clean energy homes; and two climate hawks become new heads of state