Making Carbon Pricing Work for Heavy Industry
The Seattle Metro Chamber

The Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the Clean Tech Alliance invite you to hear Dr. Paul Brooks of Tata Steel give a European energy-intensive industry perspective on climate change policy, carbon pricing, and industrial competitiveness.

Dr. Brooks is the Group Director for Environment at Tata Steel, a multinational steel company with manufacturing operations in 26 countries. Tata Steel Europe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited, is the second-largest steel maker in Europe. It operates three major integrated, blast furnace-based, steel plants (two in the UK and one in the Netherlands) and has a number of electric arc furnace and rolling/coating plants in the UK and further afield. Tata Steel has supported industry and government actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and has engaged with the UK Government and the European Union to make climate change policy, including the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, work better for them, especially in respect of concerns over international competitiveness.



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