Zero emissions bus in Seattle
Seattle's Proposition 1: Yes to transit!
To address the climate crisis, clean up our air, and protect our communities' health, we need more clean-energy transit.
ClimateCast logo over Pope Francis in Vatican's new Nissan Leaf

EPA to put mpg gains on hold, but EVs grow anyway

Oregon lawmakers weigh competing bills to price carbon pollution, China’s coal consumption falls for third straight year, Trump’s EPA budget calls for deep cuts, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.  

What problem is the "conservative solution" a solution to?

When it comes to a "conservative climate solution," can ideas appealing to "conservative values" move conservative policymakers? And can elite-driven planning result in truly equitable policy?

Majora Carter helped us find our optimism

Speaking at Climate Solutions' annual dinner in Portland, Majora Carter fueled both our optimism and our impatience for climate progress.

Washington State's climate leadership: prospects and priorities

Climate action at the state and local level has never been more important than now.

Economic security is a core climate solution

“Climate solutions” aren’t just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We need to wage and win a clean energy revolution, to go all the way to a clean energy future.  But in an economy rife with inequality and insecurity, such a sweeping transition is hard for most folks to contemplate. 

If the planet were a bank, we would have saved it already

We know that we must transition away from fossil fuels, for the sake of our climate and our future. But we also have a responsibility to make sure that during the transition, workers and vulnerable communities are not left behind. That's why working people are standing up for a Just Transition. 

Coal export and climate change threaten our 'First Foods'

Coal export projects pose an ongoing threat to native fishing rights, cultural traditions and even traditional foods—as well as the threat they pose to our climate. That's why native communities are speaking out against federal subsidies for coal mining on public land.

Washington makes progress towards clean air (and a healthy climate)

Washington's Clean Air Rule will reduce climate-damaging carbon emissions from the state's top polluters. That's a step in the right direction!

Spread the word: our bright future starts now

Today Climate Solutions launches our Bright Future initiative to demonstrate that the transition to clean energy and a low-carbon economy is within our grasp.

Pledge for parity: Elevating women to act on climate

Women may be the most important resource in our efforts to fight climate change. We are worried about what we are doing to our children now and for generations to come.... and we have more power than you think.

When your house is on fire

Of course, none of us think of ourselves as climate deniers. But something makes us flinch from bad news, hard conversations, and uncomfortable conclusions. 

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Hope, community and clean energy

Good jobs, vital communities and clean energy are the way forward as we transition away from the pollution, health risks and climate damage of the fossil fuel era. Majora Carter inspired us with storytelling at Climate Solutions' annual breakfast.

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