Zero emissions bus in Seattle
Seattle's Proposition 1: Yes to transit!
To address the climate crisis, clean up our air, and protect our communities' health, we need more clean-energy transit.

Big news for Northwest climate action

Broad coalitions for climate action took bold steps this week in Oregon and Washington, announcing plans to put climate and clean energy measures on the 2016 ballot.

Crude Oil terminals are wrong for Grays Harbor

The dangers of oil trains are dominating headlines about proposed oil terminals in Washington. As a long-time crab fisherman out of Grays Harbor, I’m very concerned about another risk: the potential consequences of a major oil spill.

Transit-oriented neighborhoods will save energy—it's their density

Developing transit-oriented affordable housing (along with a robust transit system) can be a powerful climate solution for cities, increasing efficiencies and reducing the need for driving.

Train fire at Lac Megantic

Remembering Lac-Mégantic—and other tragedies of our dependence on oil

It's been two years since the lethal Lac-Mégantic oil train catastrophe that killed 47 people. With oil-by-rail traffic hugely expanding through our own region—dozens of mile-long oil trains every day—future accidents would seem to be a certainty. This can't remain business as usual.

Who's running the Port of Seattle? Candidates Forum June 29

With an election on the way, here's a valuable opportunity to hear Port Commissioner candidates discuss their vision for a prosperous and sustainable public port.

ClimateCast logo over photo of solar installer

Top oil firms call for carbon price as Bonn talks begin

Kodiak utility goes 99.7 percent renewable, big rigs get a fuel economy makeover, EPA eases biofuels requirements, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions.

Stand up for the climate by standing up to Shell

The fossil fuel companies have had us tricked for too long. They've been telling us we need fossil fuels, that our lives can't go on without them. 

Our climate movement now: from opposition to opportunity

The Northwest is absolutely humming with climate activism of every sort. Our annual breakfast speakers challenged us to keep up the fight against fossil-fuel dominance, injustice and political inertia, and move from opposition to opportunity.

How a strip club becomes a climate justice solution

Working together, local groups in Portland's Cully neighborhood are redefining sustainability and development as an anti-poverty strategy.  

ClimateCast Logo over trainee insulating attic

Mind the carbon bubble, says the Bank of England

Clean energy sector employs more Californians than film, radio and TV; Hawaiian utility bought out by nation’s largest windpower firm; wrangling continues at Lima climate talks; and more stories of the week in clean energy.

If the planet were a bank, we would have saved it already

We know that we must transition away from fossil fuels, for the sake of our climate and our future. But we also have a responsibility to make sure that during the transition, workers and vulnerable communities are not left behind. That's why working people are standing up for a Just Transition. 

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Decolonizing Our Activism

Historically, environmentalism has focused on the experiences and goals of higher-income, white males. Today environmentalists that are looking to “diversify” the movement must put aside their own agenda, and seek to listen, learn from, and join the global movement of indigenous and communities of color. 

1.5: to stay alive, or same old jive?

Submitted by KC Golden on Tue, 12/08/2015 - 07:19

Civil-society climate justice advocates and vulnerable nations may be succeeding in their push for a more aggressive target for limiting global warming. This development shows a shift in power towards the priorities of a massive global climate movement–and it's the news from Paris, as much as the climate agreement text itself.

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The New Economy Get-Together @ Impact HUB

The New Economy Get-Together is a flagship event of the national New Economy Week 2015. Now in its third year, and for the first time with a Seattle event, New Economy Week 2015 will challenge us to explore what systemic change really looks like. We hope that by drawing attention to big ideas and concrete examples of real solutions, we will expand the public conversation and what's politically possible, bringing us closer to a just, sustainable, and democratic society.