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Washingtonians, breathe easier: clean fuels are coming
Marking a victory for people’s health, the environment, and economic recovery, the Washington Legislature passed a Clean Fuel Standard, governor-request legislation that the Legislature considered three years in a row
Public health

Trump's attack on Clean Cars must not, and will not, stand

US states and previous federal administrations (from both parties) have worked hard to protect our air quality and our climate. Now let's stand together  and defend against Trump's recklessness.

Clean air for all communities… Let’s HEAL Washington!

When it comes to environmental pollution, protection should not depend on complexion.

2019 Session dispatches: week 6 with climate as a top priority

For the first time in memory—and maybe ever—climate change is a top priority for the Washington Legislature. There are multiple landmark climate policies moving forward; The momentum is strong, and the stakes are high. Here’s an update on our top climate priorities.

Broad show of support for clean fuels for WA

Testimony focused on increased job and economic growth opportunities, climate and public health benefits.

A City’s Climate Action Plan: Interview with Milwaukie Mayor Gamba

The city is working to become entirely equitable, delightfully livable, and completely sustainable. 

I-1631: Coming together to protect Washington and a healthy future

The people of Washington have the opportunity to win one of the most ambitious, effective and far reaching policies to tackle climate change.

The Clean Air Rule is one (but not the only) solution worth protecting

We need to place our power sector on a path to 100% clean power, electrify transportation, and boost efficiency. Protecting clean air is a first step.

When your house is on fire

Of course, none of us think of ourselves as climate deniers. But something makes us flinch from bad news, hard conversations, and uncomfortable conclusions. 

On climate disruption, ending silence and heeding science

Breaking through Climate Silence  In the wake of Hurricane Harvey,

How's climate progress faring in Olympia?

It’s no secret that climate progress is having a rough week in Washington, D.C. Here in Washington State, our governor and others have pressed for policies to clean our air and move our state towards a clean-energy economy. So how is climate progress faring in our state legislature?