Social change

  • by Mara Gross and ... on October 5, 2017
    We need more from the media than rain-soaked newscasters reporting from hurricane regions to help audiences understand the climate crisis and what we can do solve it.  Read more
  • by Gregg Small on May 19, 2017
    Good jobs, vital communities and clean energy are the way forward as we transition away from the pollution, health risks and climate damage of the fossil fuel era. Majora Carter inspired us with storytelling at Climate Solutions' annual breakfast. Read more
  • by KC Golden on January 18, 2017
    The fossil fuel age's days are numbered... but not just any number will do. We don’t have time to waste on prolonging our transition to clean energy. An incoming administration full of oil men won't be able to stop the transition—but we're still progressing too slowly to avoid catastrophic climate disruption. Read more
  • by Gregg Small on December 19, 2016
    Speaking at Climate Solutions' annual dinner in Portland, Majora Carter fueled both our optimism and our impatience for climate progress. Read more
  • by KC Golden on November 9, 2016
    It has become obvious that we need to find new and better ways to align good climate policy with fairness, inclusion, and solutions that work for everyone. If we don’t, fossil fuel interests will fend off the transition we need by capitalizing on the same insecurity and fear that won Trump the White House. Read more
  • by KC Golden on October 25, 2016
    “Climate solutions” aren’t just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We need to wage and win a clean energy revolution, to go all the way to a clean energy future.  But in an economy rife with inequality and insecurity, such a sweeping transition is hard for most folks to contemplate.  Read more
  • by Caleb Smith on April 7, 2016
    Join the Interfaither Climate Action group on Friday, April 22, 2016 for “Lifting Our Voices for the Earth”, an event featuring well-known professional singers and songwriters Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwiczan. The event will entertain and energize citizens who want to work together to encourage institutional changes which will reduce human impact on this fragile planet as the climate changes.  Read more
  • by Gregg Small on April 6, 2016
    Today Climate Solutions launches our Bright Future initiative to demonstrate that the transition to clean energy and a low-carbon economy is within our grasp. Read more
  • by Caleb Smith on February 4, 2016
    The #LocalImpact16 Conference will empower the next generation of sustainability and social responsibility leaders by providing access to networking events, engaging workshops, and discussions lead by professionals, activists and community leaders who are already creating change. We are looking for innovative and inspired people to join the movement and together we will maximize the positive impact we have on the prosperity of people AND the planet. Read more
  • by Ben Serrurier on December 14, 2015
    The Paris Agreement sets the stage for the immediate future of coordinated, international climate action. Much of the actual progress will depend on local and regional action; every Northwest oil terminal abandoned, ton of coal left in ground, and solar panel installed, fuels the ambition of the U.S., Canada, and therefore countries around the world to meet and exceed our carbon-reduction goals.    Read more