Social change

  • by Caleb Smith on December 3, 2015
    SAVE THE DATE: December 12th, the day after the UN Paris Climate Talks end, people all across the world are taking to the streets to make sure the people, not the politicians, have the last word. Regardless of what gets decided in Paris, we know that climate leadership is coming from the ground up with the grassroots and cities leading the way. In Portland, things are shaping up for a great event! Read more
  • by KC Golden on November 29, 2015
    Darkness of the most desperate and terrifying kind descended on Paris in the November 13 attacks.  The world convenes now in the City of Light, with an ever more urgent and sober sense of the pressing need for global cooperation for peace and justice. Read more
  • by KC Golden on November 13, 2015
    The power of our NO fueled our run to the top of the hill... the power of our YES will lead us on over it and beyond. Read more
  • by Caleb Smith on November 8, 2015
    The New Economy Get-Together is a flagship event of the national New Economy Week 2015. Now in its third year, and for the first time with a Seattle event, New Economy Week 2015 will challenge us to explore what systemic change really looks like. We hope that by drawing attention to big ideas and concrete examples of real solutions, we will expand the public conversation and what's politically possible, bringing us closer to a just, sustainable, and democratic society. Read more
  • by Caleb Smith on October 30, 2015
    Join Earth Ministry/WA Interfaith Power & Light for an overview of the Pope’s statement that calls people of faith to act now on climate change. The encyclical is historic in that it is addressed not just to Catholics but to all people of good will – including you! Read more
  • by Caleb Smith on October 29, 2015
    The 1st annual Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium will be held at The Evergreen State College Longhouse on November 5-6, 2015. It will bring together speakers from Native communities that are working to keep fossil fuels in the ground, by stopping coal terminals, oil trains and fracking, and protecting treaty resources from the threat of climate change. Its major goal would be to get students and youth, particularly tribal youth, involved in community-based climate justice efforts. All events are free and open to Evergreen students and the public. Read more
  • by Elizabeth Willmott on October 28, 2015
    Leading local governments do not travel alone on the road of climate action-- they partner with other jurisdictions and networks to get deeper and faster results. These collaborations have turned low-carbon city efforts into a movement. Read more
  • by Jonathan Lawson on October 20, 2015
    The Race and Climate Justice group invites you to our next bimonthly community event, a participatory evening exploring the impact of racism on each of us, our society, and our environmental movements.  No charge; everyone welcome! Workshop summary: Racism has had a deeply damaging and divisive effect on everyone. Understanding and healing from the effects of racism as individuals is necessary to successfully create a united movement to end environmental degradation and restore the environment.  Read more
  • by Elizabeth Willmott on September 30, 2015
    In December 2015, international leaders will gather in Paris for what are arguably the most important global climate talks ever. Countries are updating their carbon reduction pledges, which currently fall far short of what is necessary to hold global warming at two degrees Celsius. This represents an ambition gap among national negotiators that the bold climate leadership of city officials around the world can help close. Read more
  • by Carrie Hearne on August 24, 2015
    DATE: September 9-10, 2015 LOCATION: Oregon Convention Center, 777 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland, OR 97232 WEB: Read more