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    Fortune Live Media, via Flickr

    With new electric buses coming to two of Oregon's transit systems, we're reminded that modernizing our transportation system means thinking bigger than just electric cars, to electric public transit, freight, tug boats, and more.  Read more
  • EV charging


    Climate Solutions looks at the climate promise of electric vehicles, and what it would take for EVs to play a significant role in decarbonizing the Northwest’s economy. Read more
  • Vlad Gutman with KC Metro electric bus
    King County is extending its long record of leadership on clean public transit. But it's not content simply to be number one on reducing emissions; it's working to be number ZERO. Read more
  • EVGo charging station with electric DeLorean


    Seattle is at the leading edge of a great and challenging shift, decoupling transportation from fossil fuel consumption. Electric vehicles will continue to displace gas-powered cars as long as prices drop and charging infrastructure expands to meet... Read more
  • EV parking space


    As the Washington State Legislature struggles to balance its budget, tax exemptions are rightfully receiving scrutiny. But here’s one that pays for itself and thus should be a no-brainer:  the electric vehicle tax sales exemption. Why?  It's worth $... Read more