• EV parking space


    With a clean power grid, electric transportation can be a huge climate solution. How huge is limited only by our imagination—and whether our power utilities will rise to embrace a vision of a clean-energy transportation future. Read more
  • Test driving EV car share
    Last week, Drive Oregon kicked off an EV pilot project that makes three electric cars available to Hacienda CDC and community members in Portland's diverse Cully neighborhood.  Read more
  • King County Metro bus


    The “tyranny of oil” may get a new foothold in our nation’s foreign policy, if Rex Tillerson is confirmed as Secretary of State. But it’s losing its grip on our transportation systems, as more EVs hit the mass market—including a major investment in ... Read more
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    Fortune Live Media, via Flickr

    With new electric buses coming to two of Oregon's transit systems, we're reminded that modernizing our transportation system means thinking bigger than just electric cars, to electric public transit, freight, tug boats, and more.  Read more
  • EV charging


    Climate Solutions looks at the climate promise of electric vehicles, and what it would take for EVs to play a significant role in decarbonizing the Northwest’s economy. Read more