• Cow


    The good news is that we know how to build ourselves a clean energy future, what we need to tackle climate change. The bad news is just that it won't happen by itself. Read more
  • Majora Carter, CS breakfast 2017
    Good jobs, vital communities and clean energy are the way forward as we transition away from the pollution, health risks and climate damage of the fossil fuel era. Majora Carter inspired us with storytelling at Climate Solutions' annual breakfast. Read more
  • Antares rocket launches


    The fossil fuel age's days are numbered... but not just any number will do. We don’t have time to waste on prolonging our transition to clean energy. An incoming administration full of oil men won't be able to stop the transition—but we're still... Read more
  • It has become obvious that we need to find new and better ways to align good climate policy with fairness, inclusion, and solutions that work for everyone. If we don’t, fossil fuel interests will fend off the transition we need by capitalizing on... Read more
  • Diego Rivera - The Flower Seller
    “Climate solutions” aren’t just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We need to wage and win a clean energy revolution, to go all the way to a clean energy future.  But in an economy rife with inequality and insecurity, such a sweeping... Read more