TriMet and the City of Portland accelerate toward 100% clean
We are excited that the City of Portland and TriMet have taken some big strides to accelerate toward 100% clean and carbon-free operations!
Carbon pricing
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Climate change a threat to national security, says DoD

Worldwide switch to clean power would save $1.8 trillion, rainforests store less carbon once they’re fragmented, WA carbon tax would pay steady dividends, and other stories of the week in clean energy solutions.

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Carbon pricing gets a boost

Gov. Inslee floats a carbon tax as a solution to the state’s education funding problem, a coal mine sells for $2, mayors announce a nationwide climate action agenda, and other stories of the week in clean energy solutions

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Marchers pack NY streets; loud calls to price carbon

Rockefeller family foundation to divest from the very fuels that built their fortune, U.S. Navy orders 100 million gallons of biofuels, novices build a wind generator from scratch, and more stories of the week in clean energy.

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German clean-energy push makes ripples worldwide

Solar and wind reap worldwide benefits from German shift to renewables, World Bank expects carbon pricing news at next week's summit, climate change versus the birds, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions

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China plans carbon market, banks tout green power

Banks predict transformation for electric utilities, blunt warnings ahead in the IPCC report, power companies and regulators look for new pricing schemes, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

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Community control good for carbon storage

California flooded with proposals for grid storage; narrow escape from oil-spill disaster in Seattle; climate change impacts our mental health; and much more.

Take it to the limit

Yesterday, Kristin Eberhard of and Sightline published “There’s Plenty of Room at Hotel California” – a fantastic how-to for Oregon and Washington decision-makers looking to link with other states on pricing and limiting climate pollution.  It’s a great read, and rather than challenge the cloying Eagles reference in the title, I decided to extend the trend.

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Australia dumps carbon tax

Carbon pollution is once again free Down Under, Minnesota cuts coal use by more than a third, boreal fires in Canada add fuel to climate change, Appalachia looks to a future beyond coal, and more.

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Climate action wins in court

Why rooftop solar is only half the price in Germany and Australia as in the U.S., what impacts of climate change make people move away, and other top stories of the week in climate and clean energy.

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Making the business case for climate action

Risky Business report counts the benefits of climate action, solar panels sprout in "community solar gardens," Berkeley considers climate warning labels at gas pumps, and more nuggets of climate and clean energy news.

Who's a polluter? This answer fails the smell test

State Sen. Schoesler is very concerned that UW and WSU might have to pay for their carbon emissions under the Governor's carbon reduction plan. But his crocodile tears are a distraction from the real polluters–fossil fuel companies who are dumping huge amounts of waste gases into our air. 

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Game on for Bold Climate Action

In December 2014, 37 local elected leaders from across Washington State sent a clear statement of support for bold state action on climate change and clean energy. New Energy Cities is helping local officials advance clean energy in the 2015 state legislative session.

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