TriMet and the City of Portland accelerate toward 100% clean
We are excited that the City of Portland and TriMet have taken some big strides to accelerate toward 100% clean and carbon-free operations!
Carbon pricing
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Solar costs falling, oil prices climbing, mercury soaring

VW announces major move into EVs, Sweden to keep nuclear plants open ’til 2040s, first mammalian species succumbs to global warming, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

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Renewable energy employs over 8 million worldwide

SEIU votes to make climate action a priority, California tests zero-net-energy homes, Australian coal CEOs defect to solar and energy efficiency, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

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175 nations sign Paris pact; Senate passes energy bill

World Bank and IMF push countries toward carbon pricing, Tacoma gas-to-methanol proposal withdrawn, rail cars to store excess electricity, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

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OR to quit coal by 2035, get 50% clean power by 2040

Dem candidates take different approaches to fracking, China to reduce its energy intensity 18% by 2020, Canada weighs national carbon pricing, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Energy storage displacing new fossil gas plants

Indian microfinance brings solar energy to off-grid villages and slums, Eugene tests microgrids powered by PVs, the ‘rebound effect’ is smaller than previously reported, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions. 

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Paris talks open to parade of speeches, new promises

Billionaires unite to boost clean energy R&D, deal in the works to extend federal credits for solar and wind, US public opinion backs climate pact, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

The Urban Clean Energy Revolution

The Urban Clean Energy Revolution report details the state of play of low-carbon cities and describes a rich array of best practices and examples of urban clean energy innovation and carbon reduction.

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Regional climate promises pour in ahead of Paris talks

Alberta announces carbon tax, all UK coal plants to close by 2025, firms sign up for more than 2 gigawatts of green power so far this year, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions. 

The Path to Urban Carbon Reduction

The international climate talks are a moment in time for forward-looking urban leaders to demonstrate the collective political will they have amassed for bold climate action, and to show how far they have already come in reducing carbon emissions.

Unlocking Funding to Accelerate Climate Action

Dedicated funding is a critical ingredient for urban clean energy action, but securing it is one of the most persistent challenges that local governments face today. Some leading communities are marching ahead on their own.

The arc of the moral universe still bends towards...

Submitted by KC Golden on Wed, 11/09/2016 - 17:42

It has become obvious that we need to find new and better ways to align good climate policy with fairness, inclusion, and solutions that work for everyone. If we don’t, fossil fuel interests will fend off the transition we need by capitalizing on the same insecurity and fear that won Trump the White House.

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Walking together: Washington's road ahead for climate action

Washingtonians are ready for climate action. Having more voices and interests actively engaged in shaping climate action doesn’t make our task simpler, but it does make it more likely we’ll succeed. That’s an affirmation of the climate movement’s progress and a tremendously hopeful sign for the work ahead.

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Washington unveils rules to reduce global warming pollution

"We appreciate Governor Inslee’s ongoing commitment to putting Washington on a path to a clean energy transition," said Climate Solutions' Vlad Gutman-Britten. "The Clean Air Rule is only the first step to creating a robust policy that drives pollution reduction and invests in creating tens of thousands of jobs in a new, sustainable economy."

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