TriMet and the City of Portland accelerate toward 100% clean
We are excited that the City of Portland and TriMet have taken some big strides to accelerate toward 100% clean and carbon-free operations!
Carbon pricing
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Cheap crude hurts oil firms; clean energy unscathed

Germany stays on target in its transition to clean energy, U.S. poll shows half of Republicans and vast majorities of others want climate action, Peabody coal slashes its dividend, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Climate action: unstoppable

On Tuesday, hearing rooms at the State Capitol in Olympia were overflowing with people waiting to tell legislators that it's time for climate action. Join us this Saturday in Olympia or Seattle to learn more about proposed climate legislation in WA.

Broad coalition calls for action on climate change in WA

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, launched with a show of support for legislation to put a price on large-scale carbon emissions, brings together an important breadth of voices calling for state action on climate and environmental pollution.

Who's a polluter? This answer fails the smell test

State Sen. Schoesler is very concerned that UW and WSU might have to pay for their carbon emissions under the Governor's carbon reduction plan. But his crocodile tears are a distraction from the real polluters–fossil fuel companies who are dumping huge amounts of waste gases into our air. 

Game on for Bold Climate Action

In December 2014, 37 local elected leaders from across Washington State sent a clear statement of support for bold state action on climate change and clean energy. New Energy Cities is helping local officials advance clean energy in the 2015 state legislative session.

How we can win: the promise of progress

2015 is shaping up to be a year of potentially significant progress on climate change and clean energy. And nowhere in our country is the promise of action greater than here on the West Coast, 

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Carbon markets expand, cheap oil reshuffles deck

Solar jobs up 22 percent last year, carbon market comes to South Korea, fossil-free Danish island inspires Maine utilities, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions.

Washington State Capitol Building

Time for Local Climate Action in WA State

The 2015 Washington State Legislature gets underway in Olympia, and local officials across Washington are ready.

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Carbon fee wins support, green investment up 16%

Study says which fossil-fuel deposits should stay buried, Republicans back solar energy in Florida, Keystone fight emboldens opponents of other Big Carbon projects, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions. 

Cut carbon pollution, create clean energy jobs: Legislative priorities 2015

Climate change—and climate action—top the list of big issues before this year's Washington State Legislature.