Panoramic photo of Bend Oregon
Turns out it’s a bad idea to burn fossil fuels inside our buildings too
As heat rises, fossil fuel pollution from Oregon’s buildings looms large.
Greenhouse emissions

Partying alone: Big Oil’s dismal “victory” over Initiative 1631

Big oil bought a win in Washington's election. But they're now basically alone in propping up a failing system; that's just one of the fundamental weaknesses that will ultimately bring Oil down.  

rhododendron blooming

What’s new in Oregon: Pricing pollution, electrifying transit, and more

Spring is in the air, and climate action is on the move in Oregon. 

Coal phaseout continues; states on fire for climate action

US support increases for phasing out coal; some utilities show a greater taste for renewables, and more in this week's ClimateCast.

Climate action in Oregon, and clean energy everywhere

In this week's ClimateCast: An Oregon bill seeks to account for the true cost of climate pollution. Clean energy deployments are on the rise--but so are portentious impacts of global warming.

Show some love for climate action

Washington State has a chance to deliver on some of the most ambitious climate policy anywhere in the country. Valentine’s Day is a key deadline.

Oregon Capitol

Time to make climate history in Oregon

With the Clean Energy Jobs bill, we have a huge opportunity for Oregon to take a bold step in the fight against climate change. 

The Clean Air Rule is one (but not the only) solution worth protecting

We need to place our power sector on a path to 100% clean power, electrify transportation, and boost efficiency. Protecting clean air is a first step.

Governor Brown signs executive order on energy efficient new buildings

Oregon Governor takes significant step to reduce climate pollution from buildings

Oregon Governor Brown's recent executive order calls for energy efficient design in new buildings that will save people money on utility bills and make a big difference in reducing the building sector’s contribution to the climate crisis.

Clean energy transportation... is electrifying

With half of all carbon emissions coming out of tailpipes, we're literally driving ourselves into climate chaos. But we can tackle this problem with clean electricity.

When your house is on fire

Of course, none of us think of ourselves as climate deniers. But something makes us flinch from bad news, hard conversations, and uncomfortable conclusions.