Oregon reclaims leadership on bold climate action
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has fulfilled her long-standing promise to take strong executive action to curb climate pollution. Learn more about what it does and why it matters.
Greenhouse emissions

Big news for Northwest climate action

Broad coalitions for climate action took bold steps this week in Oregon and Washington, announcing plans to put climate and clean energy measures on the 2016 ballot.

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PVs on track to be cheaper than fuel costs of gas power

India pledges 40% renewable power by 2030, GOP voters are ahead of candidates on climate, CEO says divestment is scaring investors away from Canadian energy sector, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

The Low-Carbon City Movement

In December 2015, international leaders will gather in Paris for what are arguably the most important global climate talks ever. Countries are updating their carbon reduction pledges, which currently fall far short of what is necessary to hold global warming at two degrees Celsius. This represents an ambition gap among national negotiators that the bold climate leadership of city officials around the world can help close.

Support Portland, Multnomah's move towards divestment

Portlanders: Let's tell City and County officials to align public dollars with public values. Support fossil fuel divestment today!

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Exxon and VW concealed impacts of their products

Sweden sets goal of going completely fossil-free, China to work with US on utility innovation and decarbonizing cities, union opposes coal port in Oakland, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions

Lowering utility bills while creating jobs—now that's efficient

“Every watt saved by energy efficiency measures helps create living-wage jobs,” says Stephanie Pitts of McKinstry, the latest business recipient of the BlueGreen Alliance's "Right Stuff" award.

New Orleans' incomplete recovery; global drive towards clean energy

Ten years later, the Big Easy is still recovering from Katrina; global traction for renewable energy; climate-friendly investments expand; and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

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Climate pledges fall short; activists swarm coal mine

Solar prices dropping, global temperatures rising, wind farms producing more energy for every megawatt of capacity, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Catalyst for climate action

This northwest company has been walking its climate action talk: MacDonald-Miller works with  businesses to design, build and install solutions in the building sector to dramatically cut energy use.

Yes we Are! Clean Power Plan ratifies energy transition

Is the new federal Clean Power Plan strong enough? Does it expand the bounds of the possible, so we can do what’s necessary to address the climate crisis?

First out of the gate: Oregon poised for climate action

Oregon’s Legislature may be headed into a short session next week, but the agenda for climate and clean energy is nothing short of completely impressive. Only two months after the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, Oregon is poised to be the first state out of the gate to heed the call to action.

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350.org PDX Road through Paris - Portland March for Climate Justice

SAVE THE DATE: December 12th, the day after the UN Paris Climate Talks end, people all across the world are taking to the streets to make sure the people, not the politicians, have the last word. Regardless of what gets decided in Paris, we know that climate leadership is coming from the ground up with the grassroots and cities leading the way.

In Portland, things are shaping up for a great event!