The climate future I want my kids to inherit
In 2030, I want to be focusing on the chaos of parenting teenagers - not climate chaos.
International action
Climate cast header graphi Dubai

COP28 convenes in Dubai — with fractional results

Just a year ago, fossil fuel companies complained they felt unwelcome at COP27; at this year’s COP28 international climate conference, OPEC has its own pavilion.

Photo of UAW union signs atop a minivan

A clean energy just transition for autoworkers

In this week's issue of Climate Cast: autoworker strike underscores the need for a just transition, the new faces of climate denial, and California enters the climate lawsuit fray.

image of a southwest USA map with heat index

Stormy weather: a planet in extremis

If extreme heat doesn’t freak you out about climate change, your brain may have melted  Only a few years ago, it was quite rare to see news weather coverage linking extreme storms or heat

image of Radio city music hall entrance with orange sky above from wildfires

Climate impacts near and far

Stuck between wildfires, smoke, and heat dome, facing the new climate reality

ClimateCast Dec 15, 2022

Want clean energy from nuclear fusion? Look up

In this week's ClimateCast: climate migration; Oregon cities act to leave fossil fuels behind; investment banks renege on climate commitments

ClimateCast COP27 demonstrators

Climate election 2022. Was that a wave of some kind?

Climate election 2022: neither a red nor a green wave Los Angeles Times  reporter Sammy Roth recapped this week’s election results with the observation that 

Photo of VP Kamala Harris in front of an electric school bus

The wheels on the electric school bus go ‘round, across the country

In this week's Climate Cast: Electric school buses across the country, air quality woes, upcoming elections, rising methane pollution, and holding NW Natural accountable.

Historical map showing redlining

Manchin accepts new leadership roles

Headlines on Joe Manchin and wind power in Texas; environmental justice and access to clean air; and other news on climate and clean energy. Warning: includes April Fools Day jokes alongside actual news!

ClimateCast flower 2 March 2022

"A Brief and rapidly closing window"

In this week's ClimateCast: a grim new report from the IPCC; a fossil-fueled war in Ukraine; underwhelming action from the federal government, and signs of progress in Oregon

Climate Cast banner with photo of fire truck submerged in floodwaters

The good, the bad, and the necessary next steps

Harrowing floods in the PNW, a wrap-up of the COP26 conference, and some federal progress on climate.



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