TriMet and the City of Portland accelerate toward 100% clean
We are excited that the City of Portland and TriMet have taken some big strides to accelerate toward 100% clean and carbon-free operations!
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Solar & wind beat coal price at Indian, Chilean auctions

Keystone victory confirms activists’ strategy, NY subpoena toughens inquiry for ExxonMobil, Texas utility offers free windpower at night, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuels: the dream nears reality

Powering commercial aviation with fuel made from cooking oil, wood chips, or garbage? These climate-friendly alternatives are closer to market than you might think.  

Keystone XL rejected: the tide is turning

This morning, President Obama announced his administration's rejection of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Climate Solutions Senior Policy Advisor KC Golden comments.

Protect the Northwest from Big Oil!

We don't have to let Big Oil turn the beautiful Northwest into a dangerous oil train superhighway. But that's what they're trying to accomplish with new terminal proposals along our coast. Here's how we can say no!

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Canadian Tories get booted, net metering ends in Hawaii

Toyota to replace plain internal combustion cars with hybrids and fuel cell vehicles by 2050, BP’s chief economist admits some oil must stay in the ground, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Cities Setting the Pace

Leading urban governments have set aggressive goals such as carbon neutrality and 80% reduction by 2050, and others have committed to sourcing 100% of their energy with renewables. These are not empty pledges, but achievable goals that local officials are already implementing.

Shell done, friends (or, what the Shell happened?)

Shell Oil's Arctic failure is only the latest indication that expensive bets on long-term fossil fuel development make no sense of any kind. Our transition to a better energy source will take a while—but it's absolutely underway.

Support Portland, Multnomah's move towards divestment

Portlanders: Let's tell City and County officials to align public dollars with public values. Support fossil fuel divestment today!

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Exxon and VW concealed impacts of their products

Sweden sets goal of going completely fossil-free, China to work with US on utility innovation and decarbonizing cities, union opposes coal port in Oakland, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions

Crude Oil terminals are wrong for Grays Harbor

The dangers of oil trains are dominating headlines about proposed oil terminals in Washington. As a long-time crab fisherman out of Grays Harbor, I’m very concerned about another risk: the potential consequences of a major oil spill.

Beyond coal and oil... we see solutions

Together we are beating back Big Oil and Big Coal. And as we do, we're making space for real solutions and a thriving, inclusive clean energy future. With a new year (and new struggles) approaching, let's join hands and get ready. Will you sign up for that?

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Nous sommes climat

Submitted by KC Golden on Tue, 12/15/2015 - 11:40

To “be” climate is the hardest thing of all, yet there’s nothing else to be. Climate denial persists because we don’t want to go here. Contradicting science is the least of it; we compartmentalize; we detach; we disown consequences. We watch our leaders work their hearts out for a strong climate agreement, while toying with a deal to lift a ban on oil exports.

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From the Pacific to Paris and back

The Paris Agreement sets the stage for the immediate future of coordinated, international climate action. Much of the actual progress will depend on local and regional action; every Northwest oil terminal abandoned, ton of coal left in ground, and solar panel installed, fuels the ambition of the U.S., Canada, and therefore countries around the world to meet and exceed our carbon-reduction goals. 


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Take action: No Senate deal with Big Oil

Is the US Senate really preparing to eliminate the ban on crude oil export – threatening our communities and setting back our fight against climate change? And are they really doing so on the same week as the Paris climate conference?

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Climate Change in the Context of the World Environmental Crisis

The Climate Action Team of University Unitarian Church is presenting a series of distinguished lecturers talking about how climate change will affect us locally, globally, and spiritually. On the first Tuesday of every month from October, 2015, through April, 2016, we will have the opportunity to hear an expert discussing a different aspect of climate change in our present and our future.

Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium

The 1st annual Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium will be held at The Evergreen State College Longhouse on November 5-6, 2015. It will bring together speakers from Native communities that are working to keep fossil fuels in the ground, by stopping coal terminals, oil trains and fracking, and protecting treaty resources from the threat of climate change. Its major goal would be to get students and youth, particularly tribal youth, involved in community-based climate justice efforts. All events are free and open to Evergreen students and the public.

Protect the Northwest from Big Oil!

We don't have to let Big Oil turn the beautiful Northwest into a dangerous oil train superhighway. But that's what they're trying to accomplish with new terminal proposals along our coast. Here's how we can say no!

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