• Good News Abounds for Storing Carbon Naturally

    by Jenna Garmon on

    Our forests and coastal wetlands store more carbon than we thought. We bring you all of that good news and more in this first Northwest Biocarbon Initiative Digest of 2014.

  • Business is Booming – and Policy Makes a Difference

    by Graham Richard on

    Advanced Energy Economy  just released our new Advanced Energy Now 2014 Market Report. It is a remarkable piece of work, produced for us by Navigant Research. It shows the market growth across all the segments and subsegments of what we define as advanced energy, in the United States and around the world.

  • Spring Forward

    by Ann Gravatt on

    This is the week of sleepy (read: grumpy) kids in my house, due to the return of daylight savings time. But even a household disrupted doesn’t squelch my love of the lost hour. It’s the signal of longer, warmer – sunnier! -- days to come, the most hopeful time of the year for me.  A time to look forward.  We’re doing a lot of that around Climate Solutions these days.

  • It's Not Too Late, But It's Not Too Soon

    by Elizabeth Willmott on

    The work of choosing and executing strategies that add up to large-scale carbon reduction must begin in earnest. In the Northwest and around the United States, we are seeing early signs that elected officials are responding to this call and starting down the path of hard work.

  • Spirit of St Louis Continues to Inspire Innovation

    by Clark Gilman on

    Erik Lindbergh’s organization Powering Imagination is now working with innovators in electric flight, biofuels, and noise reduction to influence the future direction of aviation.

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