Click on the name of the presenter to view the presentations from the 2013 Northwest Biocarbon Summit.  We captured many of our presenters on video, too:

Welcome and Preview of the Day

Overview:  The Biocarbon Imperative and the Portfolio of Solutions

Steve Whitney, Program Officer, Bullitt Foundation (video)

Rhys Roth, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Innovation, Climate Solutions (video)

Keynote:  David Montgomery,  MacArthur Fellow and author of Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations (video)

Biocarbon Innovator “Speed Talks”

Real-world practitioners present the spectrum of major biocarbon solutions via mini-presentations explaining what they do. You’ll hear from top biocarbon innovators:

Emcee: Laurie Wayburn, President & Co-founder, Pacific Forest Trust

Forestry:  Peter Hayes, Owner of Hyla Woods, Board Member of Build Local Alliance (video)

Greening Communities:   Linda Dobson, Sustainable Stormwater Division Manager, City of Portland (video)

Regional Open Space:  Mike Wetter, Executive Director, The Intertwine Alliance (video)

Blue Carbon:  Keeley O’Connell, Senior Project Manager, Earth Corps (video)

Farming: Dennis Canty, Northwest Regional Director, American Farmland Trust (video)

Ranching:  Maurice Robinette, Owner, Lazy-R Ranch (video)

Composting and Biosolids:  Dr. Sally Brown, Research Associate Professor, University of Washington (video)

Biochar:  John Miedema, Founder, Biological Carbon LLC and PNW Biochar Initiative (video)

Breakout Work Sessions

The Economics of Biocarbon: Accounting for Benefits to Scale Up Investment

Facilitator-Leaders: Brent Davies, Vice President for Forests and Ecoystems Services, Ecotrust; and Teresa Koper, Senior Project Analyst, The Climate Trust


Steve Whitney, Program Officer, Bullitt Foundation

Tony DeFalco, Living Cully Ecodistrict Coordinator, Verde

Noah Enelow, Economist, Ecotrust

Green Infrastructure and Biocarbon Across the Landscape

Facilitator-Leaders: Becky Kelley, Deputy Director, Washington Environmental Council; and Fletcher Beaudoin, Assistant Director, PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions


Paula Swedeen, Forest Ecosystem Services Consultant, Washington Environmental Council

Mike Houck, Director, Urban Greenspaces Institute

Chris Davis, Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy

Anne Guerry, Lead Scientist, Natural Capital Project

Biocarbon Research Across the Northwest Landscape

Moderator: Amanda Stanley, Conservation Science Program Officer, Wilburforce Foundation


Chad Kruger, Director, Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (Agriculture)

Ron Thom, Team Leader, Coastal Ecosystem Research Group, PNNL Marine Sciences Laboratory (Blue Carbon)

Dominick DellaSala, Chief Scientist and President, Geos Institute (Forestry)

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