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These Climate Investments Will Transform Washington
In the first three auctions for pollution permits held thanks to the Climate Commitment Act, Washington State has raised over $1.4 billion to go toward climate solutions. We're taking a look at some of the transformative change that is now possible thanks to this landmark policy, and what types of benefits our communities can expect to feel in the coming years.
Air quality
Photo of VP Kamala Harris in front of an electric school bus

The wheels on the electric school bus go ‘round, across the country

In this week's Climate Cast: Electric school buses across the country, air quality woes, upcoming elections, rising methane pollution, and holding NW Natural accountable.

A New Flyer electric bus operated by TriMet recharges at Sunset Transit Center.

Getting Oregon off oil for getting around

This summer’s record-hot temperatures, heat waves, and soaring gas prices reminded us to keep pushing on climate action and accelerating towards clean fuels to power how we get around in our commun

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Hot ways to stay cool: take our buildings all-electric

WA State has an opportunity to ensure the most climate friendly state residential energy codes in the country.



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