2019 Session dispatches: week 6 with climate as a top priority
For the first time in memory—and maybe ever—climate change is a top priority for the Washington Legislature. There are multiple landmark climate policies moving forward; The momentum is strong, and the stakes are high. Here’s an update on our top climate priorities.

Solar shines, and renewables rise around the world

In this week's ClimateCast: solar and wind continue to prove their resilience; new calls for climate justice, and why it's really time to talk about electrifying everything.

Climate action in Oregon, and clean energy everywhere

In this week's ClimateCast: An Oregon bill seeks to account for the true cost of climate pollution. Clean energy deployments are on the rise--but so are portentious impacts of global warming.

Show some love for climate action

Washington State has a chance to deliver on some of the most ambitious climate policy anywhere in the country. Valentine’s Day is a key deadline.

installing solar panels, Oregon Department of Transportation

Reducing Pollution, Investing in Solutions

Clean energy, cost saving, job creating investments from the ten states that have already put a price on climate pollution

Progress on the winds (and the solar) of change

A number of clean energy firsts; public transportation goes electric; and more of the latest news in climate and clean energy.

On climate disruption, ending silence and heeding science

Breaking through Climate Silence  In the wake of Hurricane Harvey,

Hope under heavy skies

We're gaining momentum towards 100% clean energy. Here's how we're laying the groundwork, and what comes next.

Big wind, big oil, and big work ahead

When willl big oil begin its last breath? The good, the bad and the downright ugly in climate and clean energy in this week's ClimateCast.

Clean energy strengthens power grids, prosperity, people and the planet

The fast expansion of solar and wind energy is strengthening power grids; resistance continues to climate intransigence; sour outlook for fossil fuel finance but bright horizons for renewables and clean fuels; and more of the latest news in climate and clean energy. 

ClimateCast logo over image of kite buggy and wind turbines

EVs’ future looks brighter; clean energy ‘unstoppable’

Teardown of Chevy Bolt reveals it costs $4,600 less to manufacture than analysts had thought, climate action prevails at two shareholder meetings, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy. 

Climate Solutions 10th Annual Dinner & 20th Anniversary Celebration

Our Climate Solutions 10th Annual Dinner & 20th Anniversary Celebration on November 29 is a seated and catered dinner at the Hilton Portland 5:00pm-8:00pm with time allocated for check-in and mingling with the other guests between 5pm-6:00pm. Our keynote speaker is renewable energy visionary Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation. We anticipate attracting 350 people including business executives, policymakers, and community leaders.  During the Dinner you will be given the opportunity to support our work by making a gift to Climate Solutions.

To register or to learn more about sponsorship, table host or tablew captain opportunities, please visit the event site. Thanks so much for your consideration and support! We look forward to seeing you there. 

Climate Solutions 20th Annual Reception & 20th Anniversary Celebration

Please join Climate Solutions staff along with the following cohosts:

Alex Asbury & Jacques Michel, Wendy Brown & George Wilhere, Peggy Bruton & David Edwards, Tumwater City Councilmember Leatta Dahlhoff, Representative Beth Doglio & Eddy Cates, Karen Fraser, Linda Glasier & Luis Bernal, Vlad Gutman-Britten, Stew Henderson & Kathy Cox, Rich Hoey & Stacey Waterman Hoey, Paul Horton, Paul Knox, Kimberly Larson, John MacLean, Tom McDonald, Teresa Myers, Miguel Perez-Gibson, Jen Quan, Rhys Roth, Beth