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Solar accessibility to soar for Oregon’s lower-income households
The state of Oregon was recently awarded $86 million for rooftop solar projects for lower-income residents. The extra cool news: combined with existing federal and state solar incentive programs, this may bring the upfront costs of rooftop solar to nearly zero for many eligible households.
Two workers installing a solar panel on a roof

Stop Cuts to Oregon’s Rooftop Solar Rebate Program

Oregon legislators have proposed cutting the state’s only support for many rural and low-income communities to access solar and energy storage for their own roofs.

Climate leadership, state to state

With a clean energy win accomplished in Washington, attention now turns to Oregon. Also: other states and cities show what climate leadership does and does not look like.

Rally at Oregon Capitol

Mid-session check in on climate action in Oregon

With just over two months left to pass bills that make climate progress this year, we’re working hard to get a wide range of climate strategies

2019 Session dispatches: week 6 with climate as a top priority

For the first time in memory—and maybe ever—climate change is a top priority for the Washington Legislature. There are multiple landmark climate policies moving forward; The momentum is strong, and the stakes are high. Here’s an update on our top climate priorities.

solar panel installation

Portland Clean Energy Fund is becoming a reality

Portlanders passed the initiative overwhelmingly, and we want to show City Council that the public is still excited and supports stewarding the measure with care.

A City’s Climate Action Plan: Interview with Milwaukie Mayor Gamba

The city is working to become entirely equitable, delightfully livable, and completely sustainable. 

Washington can't stop, won't stop pushing for climate leadership

Washington's Legislature failed—again—to enact the kind of bold climate solutions we need and are ready for. Here's what happened, and here's why we can't stop and won't stop working to make the Evergreen State a climate leadership state.

Solar shines, and renewables rise around the world

In this week's ClimateCast: solar and wind continue to prove their resilience; new calls for climate justice, and why it's really time to talk about electrifying everything.

Climate action in Oregon, and clean energy everywhere

In this week's ClimateCast: An Oregon bill seeks to account for the true cost of climate pollution. Clean energy deployments are on the rise--but so are portentious impacts of global warming.

Show some love for climate action

Washington State has a chance to deliver on some of the most ambitious climate policy anywhere in the country. Valentine’s Day is a key deadline.



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