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The Clean Energy Economy is booming, with global investments in utility-scale wind and solar projects as well as rooftop solar, at a record $329 billion in 2015. Neither a 67% drop in oil prices through 2015, nor low global coal and natural gas prices curtailed global clean energy investment.

Our Clean Energy Economy focuses on the following tracks:

  1. Clean Energy Investment: The tremendous clean energy investment opportunity (the Clean Trillion) waiting in the wings to replace fossil investment
  2. Economic Development and Job Creation: The data that tell the story of how clean energy jobs are eclipsing fossil fuel jobs
  3. Economics of Renewable Energy: The rapidly falling costs of renewable energy and the dramatic adoption of renewable energy technology
  4. Unburnable Carbon/The Keystone Principle: The incontrovertible fact that the climate cannot withstand burning existing fossil fuel reserves, which means fossil fuel assets are wildly overvalued


  • Joint Session of WA Legislation


    The Washington State Legislature is talking about climate: specifically about putting a price on carbon pollution. Can we move from talk to action? Can we win climate and clean energy solutions that are fair, practical and effective? We think that... Read more
  • Solar panels
    Falling costs and increasing deployment of solar energy are making a clean electricity grid more of a reality, which is good for both decreasing carbon emissions in buildings and from industry, but also in transport as more vehicles shift from... Read more
  • ODOT Solar Highway Installation


    Costs are down, installations are up, and solar is now a competitive source of electricity. If history is a guide, we can look forward to solar power costing no more than fossil fuel power—without subsidies—by the end of this decade. Read more
  • Study reviews link between dams and methane; OPEC agrees—in principle—to reduce oil production; owls inspire design of quieter wind rotors; and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.  Read more
  • Issaquah solar installers


    More than 2.5 million people now work in the US clean energy sector. Moreover, continued trends in clean energy investment and falling prices of renewable energy suggest that clean energy job growth will continue to accelerate. Read more