• Earth Day 2015


    Earth Day reflections on the love, tenacity and spirit in standing up to Big Coal and Oil Read more
  • 2016-01-27_icf_half_the_oil_report-final_cover.jpg
    Scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded the Union of Concerned Scientists at the height of the Vietnam war when serious pollution caused Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River to catch on fire. The founding scientists called... Read more
  • Oil train yard


    We don't have to let Big Oil turn the beautiful Northwest into a dangerous oil train superhighway. But that's what they're trying to accomplish with new terminal proposals along our coast. Here's how we can say no! Read more
  • Shell Oil's Arctic failure is only the latest indication that expensive bets on long-term fossil fuel development make no sense of any kind. Our transition to a better energy source will take a while—but it's absolutely underway. Read more
  • Grays Harbor Shrimp Trawler


    The dangers of oil trains are dominating headlines about proposed oil terminals in Washington. As a long-time crab fisherman out of Grays Harbor, I’m very concerned about another risk: the potential consequences of a major oil spill. Read more