TriMet and the City of Portland accelerate toward 100% clean
We are excited that the City of Portland and TriMet have taken some big strides to accelerate toward 100% clean and carbon-free operations!
Carbon pricing
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Cities and states tell world: We will always have Paris

Coal kills more people annually than it employs, Nevada restores solar net-metering, Los Angeles tests subsidized electric-car-sharing in low-income neighborhoods, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy. 

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Carbon pricing is on the table from C to shining sea

Tesla starts taking orders for solar roofing, Green Party may hold balance of power over BC fossil projects, GOP fails to reverse Obama-era methane rules, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

How's climate progress faring in Olympia?

It’s no secret that climate progress is having a rough week in Washington, D.C. Here in Washington State, our governor and others have pressed for policies to clean our air and move our state towards a clean-energy economy. So how is climate progress faring in our state legislature?

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Ten US states show economic benefits from capping climate pollution

The track records of nine Northeastern states and California, which have already put a price on carbon pollution, show us what a tremendous opportunity Oregon has to act on climate and invest in our state’s clean energy future.

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EPA to put mpg gains on hold, but EVs grow anyway

Oregon lawmakers weigh competing bills to price carbon pollution, China’s coal consumption falls for third straight year, Trump’s EPA budget calls for deep cuts, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.  

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Solar power now cheaper than coal at Indian auction

Australia, Arctic, and Oklahoma bake in heat waves, Sioux tribes sue over pipeline construction, US wind capacity now exceeds hydropower, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

What problem is the "conservative solution" a solution to?

When it comes to a "conservative climate solution," can ideas appealing to "conservative values" move conservative policymakers? And can elite-driven planning result in truly equitable policy?

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Arctic oil is out, offshore wind is in, PV prices falling

Hawaii to meet 100% RPS five years ahead of schedule, Democrats to target Pruitt and Tillerson in hearings, Bangladesh tests ‘swarm electrification,’ and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

Put a price on it! Inslee proposes tax on polluters

Governor Inslee's proposed budget, including a tax on carbon pollution, starts a necessary conversation for Washington climate progress in 2017.

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Clean energy momentum shifts to states, businesses

Bill Gates launches $1 billion energy venture fund, Canada’s carbon price to reach US$38 per ton by 2022, Arizona considers doubling its renewable power mandate, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

We all agree: it's time for climate action in Washington

A coalition of more than 25 organizations sent a message to Washington state legislators calling for strong climate action, in the form of three key solutions: (1) supporting a path to 100% carbon-free electricity, (2) putting a price on carbon pollution, and (3) advancing clean fuels for transportation.

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