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A clean tech company in Portland, Oregon is taking strides to make sure that your windows take your breath away, not your warmth.
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Clean energy overtaking fossil on cost, new capacity

China announces nationwide carbon market to start next year, leading CEOs call for pact to reduce carbon pollution to zero by 2050, electric bus unveiled with 200-mile range, and more stories of the week in clean energy solutions. 

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Mind the carbon bubble, says the Bank of England

Clean energy sector employs more Californians than film, radio and TV; Hawaiian utility bought out by nation’s largest windpower firm; wrangling continues at Lima climate talks; and more stories of the week in clean energy.

Protect Washington wetlands from big coal

Northwest communities have made incredible progress halting proposed coal export terminals here in our region, preserving an environment in which our communities can thrive. We need to keep the pressure on to halt more proposed coal terminals, and now we have a new pressure point.

Biocarbon: forest and eagle

Biocarbon: Mobilizing the power of nature to help restore our climate

Check out this beautiful video, and learn more about biocarbon and the role it can play in helping solve the climate crisis. 

Biocarbon solutions are all around us

Farmers, entrepreneurs, and scientists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond are delivering biocarbon results and demonstrating the pathways to a low carbon future. 

Night time at the Shoreline city limits

Art and Science: Carbon-Cutting in Shoreline, WA

On-the-ground urban carbon reduction strategies are essential with or without carbon pricing, as they are the bricks-and-mortar pathways to a low-carbon future.

Cattle grazing in Marin

Soil carbon, home on the range

Turning organic materials into compost and applying it to rangelands on a larger scale could store a lot of carbon, repurpose organic waste, improve the health of rangelands, increase climate resilience, and help farmers’ bottom lines.

Getting Smarter

The Executive Director for Smart Grid Northwest answers a key question: What exactly IS smart grid? And he provides 5 great reasons why it matters to all of us.

A modern energy system for a changing climate

It's time for Northwest utilities to improve coordination of our region’s flexible generation through an Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).

A Remembrance of Billy Frank, Jr.

“I don’t believe in magic,” Billy once said. “I believe in the sun and the stars, the water, the tides, the floods, the owls, the hawks flying, the river running, the wind talking.

Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium

The 1st annual Indigenous Climate Justice Symposium will be held at The Evergreen State College Longhouse on November 5-6, 2015. It will bring together speakers from Native communities that are working to keep fossil fuels in the ground, by stopping coal terminals, oil trains and fracking, and protecting treaty resources from the threat of climate change. Its major goal would be to get students and youth, particularly tribal youth, involved in community-based climate justice efforts. All events are free and open to Evergreen students and the public.

Tools of the Trade

Urban leaders are looking beyond their typical toolbox of policies, programs, and partnerships, and experimenting with new approaches to achieve carbon reduction through cleaner energy supply, building energy efficiency, and low-carbon transportation.

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Crude Oil terminals are wrong for Grays Harbor

The dangers of oil trains are dominating headlines about proposed oil terminals in Washington. As a long-time crab fisherman out of Grays Harbor, I’m very concerned about another risk: the potential consequences of a major oil spill.

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The Silent Hero: breaking down barriers to energy efficiency

Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson once named energy efficiency the “silent hero” in the climate crisis. Republican Governor Butch Otter of Idaho called efficiency the “low hanging fruit in the energy orchard.” We know that a key way to reduce our climate pollution is to reduce our energy demand. By reducing energy use, we also save money on our utility bills. So why are there still barriers to homeowners embracing deep energy efficiency? 

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Submitted by Nina Byers on Fri, 07/10/2015 - 08:00

A clean tech company in Portland, Oregon is taking strides to make sure that your windows take your breath away, not your warmth.

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