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Organizations call for reinstatement of Climate Protection Program in OR

by Climate Solutions on

Oregon businesses and community organizations support reinstatement of the Climate Protection Program, Oregon’s path to a clean energy future. A process is now underway to restore the landmark climate policy before the end of 2024.

Photo of sunrise over prairie, Mt. Adams Oregon
Mixed Results from Oregon's 2024 Legislative Session

by Meredith Connolly on

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened — and what didn’t happen — to make further progress on climate during Oregon's 2024 legislative session.

Washington deepens its commitment to clean energy with two new climate laws on the books

by Stephanie Noren on

HB 1589 focuses on proactive and customer-forward gas utility planning, while SB 6058 sets the stage for a broader carbon market

photo of Breaking Barriers Collaborative 2nd cohort
The best offense is a good defense—and we’ll need one

by Gregg Small on

2024 is off to a rapid start on climate action in the Pacific Northwest, filled with incredible stories of success and also some of the most significant threats to our progress in recent memory.One of my favorite stories is the effort in the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to address pollution from short-haul trucking. Diesel pollution from these trucks creates air pollution and health hazards for the people living near ports and are a major contributor to climate change.

spring cherry blossoms in foreground with blurred olympia wa capitol building in background
Washington Legislates: Our Climate Priorities for 2024

by Climate Solutions on

The Washington State Legislature has begun its short session. Climate priorities include Climate Commitment Act investments, supporting healthy environments for students and families with electric school buses and clean buildings, and holding the oil industry accountable.

Photo of fireworks display and Seattle skyline
HUGE win for climate-friendly buildings in WA

by Joëlle Robinson on

On December 12th, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to pass a landmark climate policy to transition large multi-family and commercial buildings away from fossil fuels to clean electricity.

the capitol building in olympia, washington
Looking Back on One Year of Washington’s Transformational Climate Commitment Act

by Climate Solutions on

Last week, the Department of Ecology held its final auction in the inaugural year of WA’s cap-and-invest program. Washington’s Climate Commitment Act (CCA) – only the second cap-and-invest program in the U.S. – has had no parallel in the potential for a climate policy to protect our air, water, and forests from pollution, address environmental harm to communities of color and Tribal Nations, and provide unprecedented funding to create more resilient communities across Washington.

Washington to expand its climate impact

by Climate Solutions on

PRESS RELEASE: Department of Ecology Announces Plans to Join California and Québec carbon markets

These Climate Investments Will Transform Washington

by Altinay Karasapan on

In the first three auctions for pollution permits held thanks to the Climate Commitment Act, Washington State has raised over $1.4 billion to go toward climate solutions. We're taking a look at some of the transformative change that is now possible thanks to this landmark policy, and what types of benefits our communities can expect to feel in the coming years.

image of a car plugged into a house
Lake Oswego Fair focuses on benefits of an all-electric lifestyle

by Meredith Connolly on

The Lake Oswego Sustainability Network (LOSN) is hosting its annual Electric Home and Vehicle Fair on Saturday, September 23.

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