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Zero Emissions
100% Clean Cars for Oregon!

by Victoria Paykar on December 20, 2022

Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission voted to pass the Advanced Clean Cars II Rule that will help us in our transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles! Here's what to expect.

clean fuels now text overlay over droplet of sustainable biofuel
Clean Fuel Standard coming to Washington State

by Stephanie Noren on November 29, 2022

Washington finalizes Clean Fuel Standard to reduce climate pollution, protect health, and benefit local economy with implementation beginning Jan 1, 2023

Heat pump installation
Washington will build new homes with heat pumps

by Climate Solutions on November 4, 2022

The Washington State Building Code Council voted today to adopt new statewide residential building codes that will drive the transition to safe and healthy homes that run on low-cost, 100% clean electricity instead of methane gas

Photo of Kenworth box truck
BREAKING: More clean fuels means cleaner climate and air for Oregon!

by Victoria Paykar on September 27, 2022

Did you hear the news? Oregon now has the strongest clean fuel standard in the country.

Pigs flying
We all did this. And we're not done doing.

by Gregg Small on August 12, 2022

Congress' passage of the Inflation Reduction Act clears the way for President Biden to sign the most consequential federal climate policy in our nation’s history into law.

Climate shifts - pigs fly
Climate shifts: pigs cleared for takeoff

by Gregg Small on August 7, 2022

Today is big. When people work together with tenacity and perseverance, we can accomplish things that once seemed impossible. Now, we must keep up this momentum.

Photo of air pollution from smoke stack
No silver linings. This is just awful

by Climate Solutions on June 30, 2022

Climate Solutions' quick reaction to the Supreme Court's climate decision in West Virginia vs. EPA

Clean Codes Healthy Homes
Clean energy homes for Washington: council proposes code improvements

by Climate Solutions on June 29, 2022

Washington's State Building Code Coundil is recommending updates to residential building energy codes this year, accelerating clean, electric new construction

Photo of TriMet GM Sam Desue and Sen. Dembrow were joined by Metro Council President Lynn Peterson, Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega-Pederson, Portland General Electric President and CEO Maria Pope and Climate Solutions’ Oregon Director Meredith Connolly.
The role of renewable diesel in Oregon's climate plans

by Victoria Paykar on May 12, 2022

While we are putting all our efforts into transitioning our transportation sector to be made up of 100% zero-emission vehicles powered by renewable energy, this transformation will not happen overnight.

Photo of Oregon lush green rainforest
Why Oregon’s climate progress is good, but still not enough

by Jonathan Lee on May 8, 2022

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a LOT of studies released about the increasingly dire state of our climate, what’s to come if we do not cut pollution, and how much pollution we need to cut by when. 

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