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Big Oil ups lobbying pressure in response to growing clean energy momentum

by Climate Solutions on July 1, 2015

Despite support of business leaders, health, faith, labor, equity, and environmental groups, clean energy polices stall out

WA Legislature should stand up to pressure from Big Oil

by Climate Solutions on June 27, 2015

A diverse coalition is calling on the State Legislature to stand up to the undue influence of the oil industry that is putting Washington’s health, climate, safety, and communities at risk.

Clear air and good roads at odds no more

by Climate Solutions on June 25, 2015

To pit clean air against safe roads is a false choice for Oregon; we need both, The Clean Fuels Program was crafted over seven years, and is the most cost efficient, effective way to grow jobs and provide every Oregonian with cleaner air.

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Oregon groups condemn backroom repeal of Clean Fuels program

by Climate Solutions on June 19, 2015

Oregon groups condemn deal giving Big Oil an EZ Pass while taxpayers get a toll road.

City of Seattle to Shell Oil: Not so fast; while major business coalition joins call for climate action

by Climate Solutions on May 4, 2015

At Climate Solutions' annual breakfast on May 4, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced that the Port of Seattle lacked the proper permits to lease moorage to Shell's controversial Arctic drilling fleet. Meanwhile, a major business coalition gave its support to the broadest-based climate action efforts in Washington and Oregon.

Statement in response to Washington House proposed budget

by Jonathan Lawson on March 27, 2015

“We are committed to working with the Legislature to account for the price of carbon in our economy,” said Jessica Finn Coven, Washington State Director for Climate Solutions.

Coalition calls on Port to halt Shell arctic drilling

by Climate Solutions on January 28, 2015

A joint statement from Earthjustice, Climate Solutions and 350 Seattle:

Broad coalition calls for action on climate change in WA

by Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy on January 27, 2015

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, launched with a show of support for legislation to put a price on large-scale carbon emissions, brings together an important breadth of voices calling for state action on climate and environmental pollution.

Climate action is a matter of fairness

by Climate Solutions on December 17, 2014

Washington environmental and clean energy economy leaders respond to Governor Jay Inslee's climate action announcement, and praise the vision of a healthier and more just future for our state.

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