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Washington State passes 100 percent clean electricity legislation

by Climate Solutions on

Washington's new legislation is the strongest clean energy bill in the nation.

Washington moves one step closer to passing a Clean Fuel Standard

by Climate Solutions on

The Washington House of Representatives has passed a Clean Fuel Standard, which would align the state with its West Coast neighbors--expanding the market for low carbon fuels, reducing the costs and impacts of air pollution to public health, and increasing economic investment and returns from local renewable fuel production.

100% Clean Electricity legislation passes WA senate in historic vote

by Stephanie Noren on

  OLYMPIA -- March 1, 2019 -- Today, the State Senate voted to transition Washington to 100 percent clean electricity by 2045 on a 28-19 vote. This is the first of a suite of critical bills to address climate pollution to move this year.

Clean Fuel Standard closer to passing in WA

by Stephanie Noren on

The House Appropriations Committee moved HB 1110 (Clean Fuel Standard) out of committee this afternoon.

Initial take on Clean Energy Jobs bill release

by Mara Gross on

The Oregon Legislature has released a draft of the Clean Energy Jobs bill. Climate Solutions is focused on passing a strong policy that reduces emissions quickly, holds polluters accountable, invests in clean energy projects across the state, and ensures a majority of investments benefit those most impacted by climate change.

Combined House and Regional Action Indicates Strong Momentum for Clean Fuels in WA

by Stephanie Noren on

a joint statement from Climate Solutions and Audubon Washington This morning, the House Environment & Energy Committee voted to move HB 1110, the Clean Fuel Standard, out of committee. The bill will now move to the House Transportation Committee. Concurrently, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) said it will proceed  with rulemaking for a regional Clean Fuel Standard for King, Pierce, Kitsap, and Snohomish counties.

Broad show of support for clean fuels for WA

by Stephanie Noren on

Testimony focused on increased job and economic growth opportunities, climate and public health benefits.

November election did not temper voters' taste for climate action

by Climate Solutions on

As Governor Inslee announces his climate agenda for 2019, a new post-election poll shows that a majority of voters support policies to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

The path to 100% fossil-free electricity in Washington is within reach

by Climate Solutions on

Climate Solutions presents new research demonstrating the feasibility of a clean-energy Pacific Northwest power grid.

Legal Victory Preserves Momentum on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program

by Mara Gross on

9th Circuit upholds lower court ruling, dismissing oil industry challenge to Oregon's low carbon fuel standard

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