If Big Oil wins, we lose: decades of deception have led us to this moment in the climate crisis
The oil industry has long understood the disastrous impacts of their practices- and consistently refused to change their ways. As our communities face the increasingly harsh consequences of climate change, the industry continues to fight against climate progress. It's long past time their held accountable for their direct contributions to this crisis.
Fossil fuel finance
collage of Mount Hood, a girl cleaning an electric induction stove, and solar panel installers

Turns out it’s a bad idea to burn fossil fuels inside our buildings too

As heat rises, fossil fuel pollution from Oregon’s buildings looms large.

oregon state legislature spring sunset

Waking up from the fever dream

Climate tailwinds in Oregon, Ford reigns EV, and Big Oil shakedown in this week's ClimateCast 

Oregon charging ahead for clean energy

Clean energy advocates in Oregon strategize for progress on electrical grid and EVs. Meanwhile, US banks are investing in climate chaos.

Legal Victory Preserves Momentum on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program

9th Circuit upholds lower court ruling, dismissing oil industry challenge to Oregon's low carbon fuel standard

Seattle divests from pipeline funder Wells Fargo

Seattle made history by divesting nearly $3 billion from a bank whose investments are profoundly out of alignment with our hopes for a just, clean-energy future. What other cities will follow?

ClimateCast logo over citizens at Millennium coal export hearing

Coal power continues slide, solar loans replace leases

Coal supplies under a quarter of US electricity in March, electric bus company boasts a $100 million order book, Germany diverts excess power to district heating, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

ClimateCast logo above wind turbines on the Minnesota horizon

Norway releases divest list, EPA ups methane estimates

EU regulators propose ‘stress test’ for banks on climate and energy, March breaks global heat records, Midwestern utility heads for 85% renewable power, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

ClimateCast logo above charging EV

Scots shut last coal plant, tar sands workers go solar

US boosts estimate of rooftops’ solar potential, Chinese clean energy investment soars, Colorado buying co-ops cut EV prices below $10K after tax credits, and more news of the week in climate and clean energy.

ClimateCast logo over technicians measuring snow depth

US installs more new solar than fossil gas in 2015

175 publicly traded oil firms face bankruptcy risk, bipartisan governors’ group signs clean-energy accord, Koch brothers prepare to attack electric vehicle incentives, and more news of the week in clean energy solutions.

Don't panic: that Supreme Court decision won't resurrect Big Coal

No one should mistake the Supreme Court's ruling staying the Clean Power Plan for a lifeline for the coal industry--our dirtiest source of electricity has just about run out of spark.



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